Dear ,

Congratulations! This is an offer of employment as a with FSG. The role is based in , and reports to , .

Your expected start date will be and you should report to work at at .

In the role of , you will be expected to carry out the duties and responsibilities described in the job description which is periodically updated to reflect our customer’s needs. We are offering you a base wage of $ which will be subject to deductions for taxes and other withholdings as required by law or the policies of the company. You will also receive the following non-taxable earnings: A $ monthly phone allowance and a fuel card.

You will also receive a sign-on bonus of $, payable 50% after your first 30 days of employment and 50% after your first 90 days.

You are also eligible to receive an annual bonus based on individual performance and company profitability. Your bonus pool will be % of your annual salary and payout will be based on Company policy.

In addition to your salary, FSG offers a comprehensive benefits program, including:

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance
  • Life, Disability, and Accident insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • 401(k)
  • PTO plan – earn up to 15 working days per year, plus 7 paid holidays

You will become eligible for insurance coverage after a 60-day introductory period, with coverage effective the first day of the month following your introductory period and enrollment. Plan information and applicable premium information will be provided at the time of eligibility. You’ll be eligible for reimbursement for COBRA contributions from the day you start at FSG until the day you become active on our plan.

Your employment is contingent upon:

  • A background check
  • Submitting to and successfully completing a pre-placement drug and alcohol screening
  • Verification of your legal right to work in the United States in compliance with the Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1986

While we anticipate only a favorable outcome from the pre-employment screenings and assessments, the Company’s offer is contingent upon favorable reports. Accordingly, we suggest you not take action regarding any current employment or any other employment opportunities you may be evaluating or exploring until such time as we give you notice that all testing procedures have been completed and satisfactory results have been obtained.

Contingent upon your successful completion of the pre-employment screening, your hire date will be confirmed and you will become an at-will employee of Facility Solutions Group, which means that you can end this employment relationship at any time and for any reason with or without notice. Similarly, FSG can end your employment relationship at any time and for any reason with or without notice.

Nothing in this letter is intended to create a contract of employment, guarantee employment for a specified duration, or otherwise change the at-will nature of your employment.

All policies and plans referenced in this offer letter are subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable written policy or plan. Consistent with applicable law and the terms of the written policy or plan, FSG reserves the right to modify or discontinue any policies or plans at its discretion. All employee benefits are subject to periodic company review and can be changed with or without notice.

Prior to starting at Facility Solutions Group, you will be required to sign a standard confidentiality agreement.

You acknowledge that this employment offer letter, along with the final form of your pre-onboarding, represents the entire agreement between you and Facility Solutions Group and that no verbal or written agreements, promises, or representations that are not specifically stated in this employment offer letter, are or will be binding upon Facility Solutions Group.

If you agree with the above employment offer details, please sign below and return this employment offer to the company. This employment offer is in effect for five business days.


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