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30 Years of FSG

In this day and age of ever shrinking profit margins, rising overheads, and cut throat markets it is difficult to imagine any sustainable company being able to put employees, opportunity, and principles ahead of bottom lines. However, that is exactly what FSG does.

 It is a philosophy seeded in the early days of the company and cultivated by the hundreds who have seen its value over the years.  While not unique in product and service, it is the practice and motives of FSG that make it an anomaly in the business world.  It is a company driven by values and principles that are often scoffed at by its opponents.   FSG is a quiet giant whose humble approach to doing what is right is only exceeded by its undeniable ability to compete on a national level with some of the biggest names in the industry.    

At fifteen hundred employees strong, FSG has defied the odds and achieved a status most couldn’t have known to dream of when the company started in 1982.  

It is that rise to success as well as the inspirations and divine interventions over the years that FSG Media sought to capture in its latest video project that has become known to the team simply as “The 30 Year Video”.  Through the recollections of those that were there when FSG started it is hoped that inspiration and motivation can be gained by those that will carry FSG into the next thirty years.  

The FSG Media team would like to thank all of those that were involved in the making of this video as well as the inspirations of those who had the vision, determination and faith to bring FSG to the thirty year mark. Here’s to the next thirty years and to “The 60 Year Video”

To View the FSG 30 Year Anniversary Video, Click Here.  

Remember, depending on your network connection, you may not be able to view this video at your desktop.  If you cannot view the video, you may want to try watching it on your mobile device.

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