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Ride in the Bucket

by Charlotte Rodriguez, NAC

As an expediter we sometimes have no idea what our technicians go through to complete a work order.

So I asked if I could ride along with one of our bucket truck technicians, to not only get a feel for what they do everyday, but also to get a hands on experience of my customer’s sites and needs. Of course, the only way I would go is if they allowed me to get up in the bucket truck with them.

Being the brave soul I am and not afraid of heights, I got in the 60’ bucket truck with my hard hat and harness (safety first) and watched as Scott Land (very good technician) pulled some neon from the marquee sign and side of the building. 

I would like to compliment Scott as being very professional and doing everything NAC requires of our technicians and I was very surprised at the amount of paperwork our technicians are required to fill out not only for our work orders, but for safety. 

We have to block off an entire street to set up our trucks and of course put the cones out, so this is very time consuming and of course when you have multiple outages the truck has to be moved numerous times. I would recommend all of our expediters take the road trip. This helps us to understand our technicians and our customers so we can do our job better.

Thanks to Mike Grimes and Robert Toles for allowing me to go and Charles MacLelland for setting it up.

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