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Around the Nation & Around the Corner | FSG El Paso

This week’s FSG Marketing blog post explores the city of El Paso, Texas. The city is one with a unique history and a culmination of cultures. El Paso’s stories are not shared just by the people that hold the city dear, but also through the landscapes and architecture of the structures within it.

Source: George Burr Richardson, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The blog touches on several noteworthy places to explore when visiting El Paso, ranging from Hueco Texas State Park and Historic Site, a high-altitude desert basin in between the Franklin and Hueco Mountains, to the O.T. Bassett building, an art deco high-rise that was once the tallest in the city. The city’s culture is what sets El Paso apart from other cities and FSG’s El Paso branch demonstrates this through its dedication to its customers.

Source: FSG

To read El Paso: Where History and Cultures Meet in the Sun City, click here.

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