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FSG Austin Celebrates Customer Relations at Q2 Stadium

Appreciation is defined as the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.  This was especially evident on the evening of September 29, 2022, when FSG Austin put on an unforgettable event at the Q2 stadium, home to Austin FC.  The “Field Club” was rented out, and what typically is outfitted with green and black was adorned with FSG blue and white!

From left to right: Chip Seck, Juan Guerrero, Reed Hunter, Chis Willard

With over 200 customers and vendors in attendance, FSG Austin’s Sr. Account Manager, Michael O’Shea, reflects on the importance of the day. He says, “We hadn’t done a customer appreciation day in two years. Being FSG’s 40th anniversary, we felt it was important to not only have the event, but do it bigger and better than ever. We work closely with our customers and vendors, so getting together after a long time away was really special.”

The evening included great food, good fellowship, and, like any great event – PRIZES!  Yeti coolers, a BBQ pit, a Samsung TV, and a Royal Caribbean Cruise were among some of the prizes given out.

John Campsmith, FSG Austin’s Director of Sales, discussed how crucial the customers are to this business.  The relationships are deeper than just business partners; a friendship develops. “When we engage with one of our longtime customers, our role is not to sell them something but rather know their business, [to] make their organization better and stronger.”

Hosting events that celebrate customers and vendors allows FSG to demonstrate its gratitude for them. John adds, “We approach our responsibilities with our customers and partners as consultants to investigate, identify, and provide constructive options for solving their challenges.  We have grown over 40 years through customer retention and customer referral.”

Planning Committee (from left to right): Michael O’Shea, Chip Seck, Garrett Smith, John Campsmith, Graham Case

As FSG celebrates its 40th anniversary,  FSG Austin wanted to show appreciation for the customers that have helped pave the way for 40 years of FSG. Michael noted, “They are truly stakeholders and partners in our business and our mutual success. Getting a customer once is easy, keeping a customer for 40 years truly is a milestone.”

At FSG, we place a high value on celebrating delicate and important moments within our employees’ lives. If you have a story you’d like to see on FSG Resources, please share it! Email Stephanie Cone at [email protected] with stories, ideas, or questions!

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