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Bridging The Gap | FSG Denver

The Marketing and Communications and Human Resources teams arrived in Denver on April 5th to continue with their tour of employee appreciation in the Mile High City. Exiting the airport, the teams were greeted by an eerie and monumental statue, “Mustang,” more commonly referred to as Blucifer. But that greeting was not indicative of the delightful time they had with the FSG Denver team.

Pictured: Keegan Mitchell, Alex Gonzalez, Josh Parks, Marc Torgerson

With a cool and clear forecast for the week and a relief from the unpredictable Texas weather, the teams came ready to get to know the Denver team and offer their unique talents to the branch. 

Pictured: Shane Smith

Scott Davis, Denver’s Executive VP, enjoyed putting faces to the names he’s been working so closely with for years. He said, “It was great generating new ideas with Stephanie Cone to better advertise our product offerings and services in the local market. Amanda Rogers made herself readily available to the office by answering various employee questions throughout the day. Corey Lackey took amazing photos and drone shots for a customer’s project.”

Close-up of the FSG Constitution

HR Director, Laney Bedwell, has had a consistent message during her tenure with FSG. “A priority of mine as HR Director is that each employee fully grasps how appreciative the Corporate office is of their tireless efforts.” She found it extraordinary to be able to meet those she worked with from afar for years, utilizing the opportunity to better understand the operations of the division. Laney reiterated, “It’s important to me that every employee understands that HR’s purpose is to be a resource to them and we are happy to assist in any way we can.”

Scott reflected on the experience, saying, “The most impactful part of the trip was the fact that both HR and Marketing teams took time out of their busy schedules to experience the hard work of the Denver employees.”

Stephanie Cone (Marketing & Communications) and Amanda Rogers (HR)

The Marketing and HR teams are determined to show appreciation across all of FSG, further connecting every employee and bridging the gap between Corporate and the local branches. 

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