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Bridging the Gap | FSG El Paso and Albuquerque

The beauty of FSG is the vastly different branches that come together to form one FSG. Despite the variances between each operating company, one thing remains consistent; we are all congruently working toward success. There is strength in numbers, so FSG’s Marketing and Communications and Human Resources teams packed their bags, headed southwest, and met with the El Paso and Albuquerque locations in early February.

FSG El Paso Technicians and Service

The purpose of this trip was two-fold; express gratitude for all employees, and address each branch’s local marketing needs. Communication is key when collaborating with others, and that was the main priority in the FSG Marketing and Communications and Human Resources teams visiting FSG El Paso and FSG Albuquerque. The Corporate office would not be fruitful without the efforts of every employee at each operating company, and that is the message they were prepared to share. 

The excursion began in El Paso, Texas, meeting with Jerrod and Sara Kew. Kimberly Bowser, FSG’s Social Media Manager, shared, “El Paso was the perfect place to begin the journey. They are probably one of the smaller branches within FSG, but you can feel that they are a tight-knit group. Besides Jerrod and Sarah Kew being married, there is a family vibe that is felt when you walk in and talk with the folks there.”

FSG El Paso

The Marketing and Communications and HR teams brought their expertise and positive disposition, ready to collaborate with the El Paso team. They were able to meet the technicians and service group over breakfast and coffee, opening up the conversation regarding the operating company’s ongoing projects and exceptional work completed. “Spending time with the techs away from the field is a rare and cherished experience, I feel that we’re able to really communicate on an interpersonal level,” says Stephanie Cone, FSG’s Guide Center Manager.

After a couple of days in El Paso, the teams made their way to New Mexico, commonly known as the Land of Enchantment. With a snowstorm in the forecast, the teams were met with Albuquerque’s first heavy snow of the year. Andrew Ghilino, FSG’s Corporate Marketing Manager, jokingly said, “No amount of snow in Albuquerque was going to ruin the trip. I’m from New Jersey, a few inches of snow was not going to put a damper on the experience.” With the beautiful landscape surrounding them, the teams were able to safely make it to their destination, but the weather led to many schools and businesses closing, preventing the team from being able to meet with FSG Albuquerque’s technicians.

Left to right: Andrew Ghilino, Kimberly Bowser, Corey Lackey, Stephanie Cone, and Amanda Rogers

However, as the sun came out and the snow somewhat subsided, FSG Albuquerque’s Division Vice President, Billy Ramirez, and Sales Rep, Mark Jaramillo, gave the Marketing and Communications and HR teams a tour of their office. With each turn, the teams learned of aspects that make the place unique to Albuquerque, including their back door leading up to the Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum, which is the site of the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

Andrew Ghilino reflects on the trip, saying, “In both cities, I was able to learn about the local markets and understand the unique needs of those branches. I look forward to the opportunity to travel to other branches in the future and meet the FSG teams in those areas. I want to learn how I can work with these teams and help grow the vision of Bill Graham and the rest of the Executive Board.”

Left to right: Billy Ramirez and Corey Lackey

FSG’s Marketing and Communications and HR teams are dedicated to visiting as many branches as possible, bridging the gap between the Corporate office and the field employees while strengthening internal communication throughout the company.

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