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CCC Spotlight Awards 4th Quarter 2015

The Customer Care Center has announced their Spotlight Awards for the 4th Quarter of 2015. The CCC Spotlight Award is a quarterly recognition program which is voted on by the members of the CCC (which includes NACMRO, Local MRO and NAC Lighting Projects teams).  The goal of the program is to “shine the spotlight” on those who are doing the most to help the CCC provide great service to our customers around the country.
Our winners for Q4 2015 are, with some of the justification for the votes:
Steve Schafranek, Contech Lighting – Steve is a vendor representative who exemplified what it means to be a business partner.  He has been very supportive in building the Bloomin’ Brands quote base which was a huge project and a victory for FSG.  He’s also been extremely helpful with crossing product and helping FSG present a great value-add proposal to our client.  
Stacy Gerlach, Local MRO – 
Stacy brings a great attitude to work every day, even when she is slammed, and she never complains about her workload, which is considerable. On the phone, no matter how busy she is, she still projects a friendly smile through to the customer. A great example for all of us to follow.
Stacy comes in everyday and stays busy with productive work. She deals with more of our difficult communicators, which isn’t easy and she always does it with a smile. She’s very reliable and consistent. She’s a great asset to the LMRO team. 
Diana Gonzalez, NAC MRO – 
Diana has been so diligent and hard working this holiday season. She never complains and does any task with a smile. Her work efforts have been noticed and inspire me to be better. 
Diana quietly does her job and does it in a highly professional manner. 
Diana recently answered a Starbucks Canada call and they only spoke French.  They hung up because they figured she wouldn’t be able to help them out.  Instead of letting it go, Diana picked up the phone and called them back and with the French that she did know she was able to communicate with them and the lamps were ordered.  
Barbara Garrett, MDC930 – 
Barbara is a huge help to me. She is always on top of things and catches any issues right away. Also, she’s just a sweet person who I can always depend on. 


Barbara is very thorough in everything she does and is a great communicator.  


Barbara is a rock star at her job and always willing to help with any question I may have.   So grateful she is a part of our team!


Awesome at her job and a pleasure to work with!


Cecil Chavez, Local MRO – 

Cecil is always cheerful and friendly and very thorough in his work. Always stays late to get the job done.  Great work ethic.


I can only image Cecil’s customers are well taken care of if he treats them the way he does his team members.  So friendly and positive.


Cecil has been staying late and working very hard. Makes a point to interact with every team and get to know everyone in the office.  


Lindsey Rosen, Lighting Projects – 

In preparation for a national sales meeting, the national sales reps were asked, “Who does the most to help you grow your business?”  Lindsey was the top vote getter.
Lindsey is my key support person for Starbucks new construction. She consistently goes the 
extra mile and often is the reason for earned business in her marketplace.

Lindsey Rosen has developed into an excellent project manager. Although she has a demanding 
schedule and deadline she is willing to assist me in any way. She is customer focused and her 
quality of work is at the highest level.

Team player, dependable, reliable, gets things done on time and always makes the client her #1 


Andrea Alvarez, MDC930 –  she is always so helpful and such a hard worker!  
Bobby Davis, MDC930 – always Johnny-On-The-Spot with with difficult to track items and has been very instrumental in getting my material out quickly. He is very proactive when it comes to informing us of damaged material or missing. 
Wendy Peeples, Corp AR  – She has been awesome since she got here. She has helped us with the CNL invoicing nightmare and is so fast to respond when asked to release orders. 

Lee McAfee, MDC930 – Lee always lets me know quickly if something can not go out or if I enter something incorrectly. He not only notifies me he explains why we can’t do things certain ways and I really appreciate the feedback.  It helps ensure that mistakes are not made over and over again.
Kevin Romney, FSGL Phoenix – Kevin is wearing multiple hats in Phoenix and always goes above and beyond to get the job done and get Phoenix orders out on time and accurately. Very persistent and dedicated to getting the job done right.    

Rebecca Moreno, Local MRO – Rebecca has made taking on the San Antonio market in the CCC a much smoother process.  Always available and ready to assist in any way.
Scott Goodwin, Corp IT – Scott is involved in all of our IT problems both big and small and does it with enthusiasm and a smile.


Jeff Alexander, MDC930 – Jeff has been a huge help with the Neiman Marcus warranties we have been working on. Always calls to clarify and is a great team player. I don’t think I have every spoken to him and have him sound like he is upset in anyway. 


Adriana Trevino, NAC MRO – Adriana is always a team player, quick to help out with anything and everything. I always look forward to working with her.  Adriana is a true example of excellent customer service and I am lucky that I am able to work with one of the pros!


PaMee Vang, MDC930  PaMee is always quick with results and answers for any 930 MDC concern I have. 


Kellie Yeats, Lighting Projects – Kellie is a complete team player and positive role model for the projects team.  Always eager to help out and is extremely detail oriented.


JT Graham, Local MRO – JT is always willing to lend a hand when others have questions.


Margaret Richardson, Lighting Projects – Margaret is consistently a hard worker with a positive attitude! She is always willing to help when anyone needs it. She helps anyone who needs it and is great at what she does. 


Andrew Wimmer, MDC930 – Andrew is the solver of all problems shipping, logistics, lost items, etc. I have run into a couple of issues this year where I had no clue what to do next or how to resolve the issue and Andrew came through for me. Not only is Andrew great at what he does, he has a great attitude and keeps me laughing. 


Antoinette Macias, Corp IT – Antoinette is always very patient, understanding, and most importantly HELPFUL! I am no IT genius and Antoinette resolves whatever issue I may be having in simple terms.  I am thankful for her help! 


Ron Dunn, NAC MRO – Ron is extremely knowledgeable and always helps me anytime I have technical questions.  He is such a hard worker and willing to help with anything.  Such a great guy!


Tara Visker, Lighting Projects – She has come a long way in the few months she has been here. She’s helped take on the monster that is Bloomin’ Brands and she’s done a great job so far. She is focused like a laser while working and stays on task until it is complete, no matter how complicated.  She is always willing to help me whenever I ask.  Great team player.


Lindsey Whisler, NAC MRO – Her lighting and Trend knowledge is unbelievable.  She is always willing to answer any questions that I might have and makes certain that I understand what she is saying.

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