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CCC Spotlight Awards Q1 2019

The Customer Care Center (CCC) has announced their Spotlight Awards for the 1st Quarter of 2019.

The CCC Spotlight Award is a quarterly recognition program which is voted on by the members of the CCC.  The goal of the program is to “shine the spotlight” on those who are doing the most to help the CCC provide a great customer experience for our clients around the country.

Our winners and nominees for Q1, 2019 are:


Brittany Erwin (CCC1) – It is hard to be remote but I think it’s probably more difficult to be remote on an account like Simon and in the Simon office.  Brie is always willing to ask questions and lend a hand. We gave her a tall order throwing her into the FAST47 but she has risen to the occasion and always with a smile on her face.  She is capable of great things. 

Brittany is a fantastic team player and communicator.  She is always willing to help no matter what she has on her plate.  She has set FSG up for success with the FAST47 by creating dozens of submittals and sending multiple mock-ups for the project.  She has been a great addition to the Simon Team.

Betty Moore (Corp AP) – Betty has been so very helpful with getting invoices paid in a very timely manner for the Starbucks Chicago Roastery. It has been so nice knowing that as soon as an invoice is sent to her it will be taken care of. She is always so very sweet and kind in her emails and phone calls. It has been a pleasure working with her. 

Cecil Chavez  (CCC2) – He always has a great attitude and is willing to lend a helping hand.  There is a reason he is nominated each quarter.  He is one of the best team players. If he cannot figure something out he will work to make sure he does and excel at solving similar issues in the future.

Cecil helped a great deal with the handing over of MROW, and has always done a great job taking care of the sales reps in Phoenix.

MDC930 Receiving Team – This group epitomizes what it means to be a team.  The level of communication with the receiving department has gone up a lot since Forrest Sprague came on board with the team.  He is an all around rock star.  Tim McCarthy is a good communicator with receiving issues.  He keeps you in the loop with problems on POs.  He has a great work attitude and is always willing to help.  Chuck North is the “behind the scenes” guy who does anything and everything asked of him with a positive attitude and careful attention to detail.

Lori Graham (CCC5) – She has been nothing short of a rock star so far this year. She was basically thrown in the deep end of Starbucks new construction and renovation orders and she has come out on top. Her positive attitude and upbeat personality are so very refreshing. If you are having a rough day she will do her best to make you feel better and laugh. Lori is always willing to help even if she has no idea how to perform the task she sure as heck will figure it out! 


Stacy Gerlach (CCC4) – She is hard working and always willing to help her colleagues and always has a consistent positive attitude.

Pete Swierczewski (CCC1) – Another newbie but definitely another one who has risen to the occasion to help tackle the FAST47 for Simon.  Pete has caught on very quickly and never hesitates to learn something new.  He is has been a great assist not only to Simon but to FSG as a whole.

Andrew Chapman (FSG Signs) – He has assisted in quoting signage project for a Simon property.  He has a wealth of knowledge and is a great resource when it comes to any signage requests.  He is a great person to work with in general.  He communicates well, responds in a timely manner and is friendly and personable.

Vicki Murray (LSI) – She has been a great help with Burlington, doing everything she can to ensure that material gets onsite in a timely manner.

Lindsey Whisler  (CCC1) – Not sure if I can even nominate my team lead, but I have leaned on Lindsey for almost everything I have been doing this quarter and she even came up here to Indianapolis to help in person.  She’s always willing to help me and approaches every issue with a positive mindset.

Chris Dembosz (MDC970) – He is always very helpful with anything I need assistance with pertaining to MDC970.  He is very quick at answering emails and addressing issues that need looking into and determining what should be done.

Jennifer McCutcheon, Priscila Comley & Phl Mancuso (Focal Point) – they have jumped through hoops to help with a one-off customer design when the original specified manufacturer dropped the ball.

Jessica Buckner (Texas Lighting) – She has been a great help with my projects, has a great attitude and is quick with a solution.

Clark Kessler (LEDVance) – He is the Yardi rep for LEDVance and has been a lifesaver.  He is always quick and helpful, and even when de doesn’t have the answer, he will direct you to the person who can get you an answer.  He never presumes to know, he asks you the questions to make sure that we are on the same page.  He communicates clearly and effectively and produces every time.

Rachel Booth (CCC4) – She has exceptional leadership skills and outstanding work ethic.  She brings strong assets to her role and our group is incredibly fortunate to have her as our lead.  She is dedicated, hard working, extremely organized and focused on continuous learning and developing best practices to manage routine activities both efficiently and effectively.  Her knowledge and people skills have provided a solid building block on what I have learned over the past 2 months.

Keir Hinson & Greg Tomaras (Force Partners/Eaton rep Chicago) – They are our contacts for everything Structure Tone related and I could not get through a single day without their expertise.  The help with everything from controls layouts and warranty claims, to order management and technical specification.

Debbie West (MDC930) – If there is a problem with an order and I have no idea to fix it, I know that I can give Debbie a call and she will be able to figure it out and let me know how to resolve it.  I am always learning new things from her.

Daniel Thomas (CCC1) – He took the time to write out exactly what I needed to know in order to successfully help with ALDI project.  His quick response whenever there has been information that I need clarified, or something out of left field that I needed to help solve a problem for the customer has been HUGE!

Kelli Fabela and Kevin Tran (MDC930 Warranty and Returns) – They have been doing a great job with the return requests sent their way.  If it’s an easy task they get it done quickly and if it’s a more complicated return they are on top of it and making sure that they get the proper documentation needed in order to get the RM processed through.  I appreciate all of their work!

Daniel Tran (CCC3) – He is still working hard and making an effort to “get the hang” of lighting, along with adapting to the specific requirements of each account.  Oh and he is always willing to grab Starbucks on the way in – that is definitely a PLUS!  He is a huge asset to our team!

Chad Weber (Red Leonard Associates) – He is always there when I need something for Cree and is a big part of the Circle K process.

Andrew Wimmer (Logistics Manager) – He went above and beyond to find a way to get material to a customer quickly.  He stayed on it until all of the material was delivered.  He is quick to find a solution every time.

Tara Visker (CCC3) – She is an excellent team lead and very good at what she does. Rock Star.

Ron Dunn (CCC3) – He is a hard worker and never complains and he is extremely knowledgeable.

Richard Linn (CCC4) – He comes in the building going hard at it.  His head is down and his nose is to the grindstone the whole day.

Frank Torti (FSGL30) – He is a great help and a great source for tough to find items.  He is a great asset for FSG.

John Rebbeck (PowerSecure Lighting/Solais) – Thanks to John and his fellow associates at PowerSecure, a major problem at the Godiva retrofit in NY was averted.  John was able to go onsite, determine the needed solution and have material sent to resolve the problem.  John worked very closely with the EC, the Godiva design team and construction manager to keep things under control and avoid panic.  His knowledge and can-do attitude was just what was needed with this potentially tense situation.

JT Graham (CCC3) – He spends quality time with customers to ensure they get what they need and have the best experience working with FSG.  

Elizabeth Erichsen (Amerlux) – Amerlux does a great job at fostering partnerships. Liz has been extremely helpful and patient with us while we learned the process for specifying and ordering the L500 fixtures for JPMC. Her customer service is outstanding. She is timely, accurate, and pleasant every time we reach out to her (which is several times a day, everyday for the last quarter). 

Diana Gonzalez (CCC1) – She has been a tremendous help to me as I just started here.  She has taught me a lot about Trend and various things that you can do with the program.  She helped me get started in managing the Simon projects, and she is always very approachable and more than happy (and able) to answer any questions I have, all while maintaining a positive attitude!  She made the transition of a new job much easier for me!  Anyone will always feel intimidated starting somewhere new and be afraid to ask questions, but Diana made it easy for me to ask any question at all

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