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CCC Spotlight Awards, Q2 2016

The Customer Care Center has announced their Spotlight Awards for the 2nd Quarter of 2016. The CCC Spotlight Award is a quarterly recognition program which is voted on by the members of the CCC (which includes NACMRO, Local MRO and NAC Lighting Projects teams).  The goal of the program is to “shine the spotlight” on those who are doing the most to help the CCC provide great service to our customers around the country.
Our winners and other nominees for Q2, 2016 are:

Tara Visker (Projects)
She already knows the monster the BBI account is and even knowing that she was still willing to step in and take on more Outbacks when we lost the other PM.  She has been a huge help with ensuring that the account does not skip a beat.  She does an exceptional job at helping out when people are gone.  She also did a great job taking the time to sit and train the new team members.  
Tara both did a wonderful job in training all of us new folks and is still very helpful.  

Tara has been a great team player and stepped in to help her team members where she can.


Tanja Connell (ATR)
She gives incredible customer service every time I send an e-mail or give her a call. She is really fast with response times and gets our orders out the door same day if possible or next day with out any extra charges. She is awesome!

My Neiman Marcus account has some unusual request that she is always quick and polite with a quote. She goes the extra mile to give you correct information.


Nikki Myrick (NMRO)

Such a huge help answering any questions about accounts when we did the transfer. She is also amazing technically as well, assisting with any computer issues like a champ. A quick witted whiz kid who is such a great addition to our team.

She is such a great help with training.  Patient and very knowledgeable.  Has a passion for helping others.

Nikki has stepped in and taken a huge role with the Simon account, in addition to volunteering to be one of primary trainers on SX.enterprise.  Amazing job helping out others this quarter.
Chris Dembosz (MDC970)
There have been a couple of orders that customers called in at the last minute and needed it next day air and he was always able to make sure my order got out the door. If Chris says he’s got it, I know it will get done.
Always a life saver. He is consistently on top of anything and everything that goes through his warehouse. I can always count on him without any reservation whatsoever.
Amazing job getting the JPMC project off to a great start.  Provided a great first impression to the Current by GE folks who paid a visit to MDC970 to check out FSG operations.

Wes McIntire (Projects)

He took on a lot of new accounts and had to work hard to clean them up when we lost PM’s. He always works hard and does so with a great attitude.  Even if he is super busy he is still willing to take a moment and help out anyone on the team who is asking for help.  He is a great asset to our team.

With all of the changes that took place on our team Wes took on a lot.  I know he has a few accounts that weren’t left as clean as one would hope, and I never once heard him complain.  He is a great teammate – super supportive, a great resource and always willing to help.  I think sometimes his hard work goes unnoticed as he doesn’t ask for credit, but I think he should definitely be recognized.


Caylin Brashear (Pappas)

One of the best people I have ever worked with. He went out of his way to do anything he could to make my life easier. He was always friendly and personable; every time I worked with him I got a smile on my face. He reached out and tried to learn about me as a person and would always ask how my life was going. The attitude and personality he brings to the table remind me of some of the interactions I used to have at Starbucks with the regulars who used to hang out all day in the cafe. It’s rare that you get a customer that really tries to connect to the point where they become apart of your work family.  It is interactions like the ones I have with him that make me love my job.



Nathan Byrne (Corporate IC) – Has gone above and beyond to help set up Starbucks and BBI online guides. He is always pleasant to speak with and takes care of my requests as quickly as he can.  He never makes you feel as though you are a bother and is always willing to help!  

Chuck North (MDC930) – I know receiving is always swamped, but Chuck never hesitates to help me out when needed.  I have had a couple of instances where I needed material to be received into the system so that orders could get out and Chuck is always understanding and helps me out even though I’m sure he has a million other things going on.
Cecil Chavez (LMRO) –  He’s been extremely helpful to me. With his new leadership role, he takes to being a leader well and is always looking to learn new strategies for himself as well as his team members. Despite his workload, he’s never too busy to lend a helping hand should someone request it. 

Trevor Scott (AR) – He helped with billing our project correctly. It was a little bit of a complicated process and he made it seamless.
Lindsey Whisler (NMRO) –  She’s been handling the JPMC stuff like a champ, and she’s always helped me out with questions.  She is on top of things with JPMC. I know how busy she is and she responds to every request/email immediately and gets everything taken care of as smoothly as possible.
Dondi Lish (TCP) – She is just the best. The standard of customer service. Always willing to help me out and go above and beyond.

Chris West (LMRO) – Always polite and helpful on the phone with customers. His work ethic never ceases to amaze me.

Melissa Ocanas (NMRO) – Taken on all these new accounts like a champ. Always happy to help others and volunteers for any and all responsibilities.

Stacey Farmer (Acuity) –  I know that tensions can run high on all sides when things go wrong but, she was emailing me at 9pm about that Penn Square return. She really stepped in when others dropped the ball and did what she could to get it fixed even though it was not in her power to do it herself.  I could tell she really cared about getting the issue solved. She has worked really hard with our team here to do what we can to keep Simon happy and without her partnership I don’t think we would have made it this long.

Stacy Gerlach (LMRO) – Always so organized and happy to help others in all departments.

Sam Villarreal (Dallas Outside Sales) – Sam is what FSG is all about. He is thorough with what he does & really a valuable employee. Gives everything he got day in & day out.

Ron Dunn (NMRO) – he is always chugging away when I walk in the door. The man never stops working and he knows his lighting stuff! He is always kind when you go to him with questions and just when you think he isn’t listening to our conversation he chimes in with one of his witty comments and sends us all into hysterics. He is a joy to work with and puts up with all of us girls!  He’s a tremendous teammate; if you need 1 contact at a manufacturer he has 20. He has a wealth of knowledge and he’s willing to share it.

Lee McAfee (MDC930) – Lee handles all request in a timely matter. Work ethic is at the top. He has really stepped up helping make sure orders get pulled and delivered in a timely manner.

J.T. Graham (LMRO) –  Great with his customers. Handles every situation on the phone with great care & solves the task he is dealt with,

Lindsey Godfrey (Projects), Adriana Trevino (NMRO) – Their patience has been tested while trying to teach me Trend and have never complained.  It is hard to choose one from the team as they have all been wonderful.  Lindsey and Adriana both have been a great help to me this month.” 

Richard Linn (Projects) – He brings a light to this team that is so much appreciated.  He was excited to come in and tackle the challenge of learning a new system and processes.  He is always willing to help out others, and he is always happy to learn something new.  He has done a great job of learning and asking questions with a great attitude.  He has always offered to help anyone that seems to be overloaded when he has down time.

Debbie West (MDC930) – She is so quick to help me with anything and everything.  I had a Twin Peaks order issue and she was able to fix everything in minutes.

Michael Crosby (Texas Lighting Sales) – Michael has really gone above and beyond by getting these Bonefish Remodel Lutron Dimming Panels for BBI.  He has given us quotes in less than 24 hours and created 33 submittal packages for us in less than 48 hours.  He has also expedited materials with Lutron to make sure that we had out complete dimming packages available to ship in 1 week.

Megan Wheeldon (NMRO) – We have been working so much more together lately and coordinating on Starbucks.  She is a great asset with tons of knowledge on the MRO Starbucks side.




Esther Perdomo (Projects) – She is such a hard worker and remains strong and determined even with everything she is going through. She has been a great help – making submittals, doing take offs, all around supporting all the team members where she can.

Mark Bellanti (Philips) – He has been a great help with Philips needs that we have in Arizona even thought he does not have to be. Without his understanding and  help we would be in a bind in Phoenix.

Jack Morris (Burris & Matthews) – I’ve been doing a lot of business with Rab lately & he is just always on top of it. I know there are days I drive him crazy with emails & phone calls, but he is always helpful. He is one of very few rep agents that I would say gives excellent customer service. 

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