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CCC Spotlight Awards Q3 2018

The Customer Care Center (CCC) has announced their Spotlight Awards for the 3rd Quarter of 2018. The CCC Spotlight Award is a quarterly recognition program which is voted on by the members of the CCC. The goal of the program is to “shine the spotlight” on those who are doing the most to help the CCC provide a great customer experience for our clients around the country.


Our winners and nominees for Q3, 2018 are:


Christine Herrada (MDC930) – Christine is on top of her game over there at the warehouse. There have been times that I get an emergency order that needs to get out that same day and it’s already 2 pm. I can email Christine and she gets to them quick and will make sure they ship out that same day. She is awesome!

I couldn’t do what I do everyday without Christine.

Christine is a real bright spot at the 930 MDC. Really works hard with keeping the outbound shipments flowing.

Christine is very helpful, friendly and always quick to answer emails and questions. She sends out a daily freight report that has become my bible. I refer to this daily for shipment information – what the status is of my upcoming shipments are etc. She deserves to be recognized for her hard work and for helping make my projects (and I am sure others) run a little smoother.

Christine Herrada and the entire MDC930 – the entire MDC930 deserves a nomination because they are all contributing to our success. I may not talk to each of them directly as much as I do the people on the inside, but there’s no way it would be possible without each of them. However, I do want to especially call out Christine. She is always so helpful whenever we need it and stays super positive through change. It has been a learning experience for all of us to start using Caliber but she’s been so flexible and will do anything in her control to help us get the job done. Adding to that, she’s always pleasant to deal with no matter the situation and that makes a lot of difference.

Christine is always on top of everything. She helps out with any request we send over and never complains about it. From contacting shipping companies because either us or the customer wants something changed to keeping up with the freight report she seems to do it all with a smile. She is always pleasant to talk to on the phone and she sends some awesome memes!

Todd Hubbard (SimplyLED) – Such a fantastic vendor to work with. He always keeps me informed of any changes that may affect my accounts. Great communicator and always thinking ahead. Anything I may need for our customers, he will do everything in his power to make happen.

Todd has been a huge help for us with the Simon account. Amazing team player.

Connie Golightly (CCC Team 1) – She is always rising to the occasion. She helps every single person on our team. Without her, it would be difficult for all of us.

Connie has come in and had an immediate, positive impact on the productivity level of Team 1. She has been critical to successfully handling some of our busiest accounts. She’s a rock star!

Patrick Ruane (FSG NYC) – He is an outstanding quotations manager. He has a phenomenal attention to detail, and understands the importance of being able to transparently communicate all the details of the job to a PM. His process guides are bullet proof!

Patrick sets the example when it comes to documenting his processes and making them clear to all involved in one of his projects. Great communication and attention to detail. Such a pleasure to work with Patrick.

Megan Wheeldon (CCC Team 5) – Megan is a wealth of knowledge and is always ready and willing to help me, no matter what oddball questions or requests I throw her way. She is the epitome of a “team player” and can always be counted on to have the rest of the team’s backs. She is a joy to work with and I consider myself extremely lucky to have her as a teammate.

Megan is the best and jumped into a pretty tough position when everything got changed around and is rocking it! She also is a Guru when it comes to handling any task thrown at her on the service side.


Rachel Booth and Stacy Gerlach (CCC Team 4) – They took on the Sonic account and ran off with it so flawlessly. They’ve stepped into a big role with a key customer running their first national account and projects and are off to a great start.

Andrew Wimmer (MDC930 – Logistics Manager) – When I need help with shipping-related issues for Burlington, he’s willing and able. A complete professional.

Amber Roberts (NAC Service) – Even though she’s extremely new, the interactions I’ve had with her seem very promising. She’s making an effort to understand the terminology/product we use because I think she realizes learning as much as she can will work to her advantage.

Courtney Mitchell (CCC Team 2) – She has provided me with invaluable assistance and patience. Regardless of the work load or stress she is under, she is willing to stop and provide a helping hand. I would not be able to be as successful as I am with out her help.

Glenda Kehl (Tech Light – Rep agent in Indy) – She has been a great help with the recent Simon projects.

Lori Hubbard (CCC Team 3) – She has been stepping up and jumping in to help the team a lot. She’s becoming more and more comfortable with the system, as well as our team’s processes. She will always try to figure out how to do something on her own, but will ask the right questions if she is unsure, to make sure that she’s handling it the best way. The more comfortable she has become, the greater the impact she has made on our team. It’s been really great to watch that transition.

Antonio McMaron (NAC Service) – A great example of an individual who knows the value of working together to assist our customers. Very detail oriented. An amazing team player with a refreshing positive energy.

Adriana Trevino (CCC Team 2) – She helps with any and every question I have regarding the NAC MRO orders and customers. She’s a great team player.

Brian Rutland (MDC930) – Brian is really helpful when you need it from him. Always quick at responding back, which is so helpful.

Ron Dunn (CCC Team 3) – He is always willing to help and take on new tasks and projects. His product knowledge and work ethic are very impressive.

Jennifer McCutcheon (Focal Point) – She has gone above and beyond staying on the quotes and revisions to make sure Morgan Stanley goes as smoothly as possible.

Marilyn Schauer (CCC Team 1) – She has been a great team player transitioning to a new role within FSG.

Artie Davis (Nabco) – we send requests for odd ball items and his response time is always so fast, the pricing is more than fair and he always ships FFA. NABCO is super easy to do business with, if Artie is out someone always responds to his e-mails with in minutes.

Cecil Chavez (CCC Team 2) – I enjoy working with Cecil, not only is he very knowledgeable but he can lighten up the environment with his silliness. He keeps everyone loose and helps make this a great place to work.

Tiffany Reedy (Bell & McCoy) – She’s a rock star and has been on our account since I started at FSG. She is reliable & always provides what is needed in a timely fashion.

Tara Visker (CCC Team 3) – The bar is set high for everyone and she really leads by example. With all the changes to the accounts and work load, she has been a big help with keeping things organized. She handles her work with confidence and accuracy and is a great example of a leader. She’s really making progress on letting the team take control of new responsibilities while having confidence in us to get it done correctly. She’s put a lot of time and hard work into her accounts so it’s understandable that it would take some adjusting, but she’s letting us shine. She always has our back if we need it but will also let us know where we can improve. I know she gets nominated pretty often, but that should say something. It is definitely deserved.

Debbie West (MDC930) – Debbie is always quick and efficient and helpful with any changes that need to be made on orders that occur in MDC930. I know I can always email her and she will be ready to help out. I know she is a very busy person but it’s still rare when I call her directly and she doesn’t pick up. She’s always willing to help me with any issues I bring to her.

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