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CCC Spotlight Awards Q4 2018

The Customer Care Center (CCC) has announced their Spotlight Awards for the 4th Quarter of 2018.

The CCC Spotlight Award is a quarterly recognition program which is voted on by the members of the CCC. The goal of the program is to “shine the spotlight” on those who are doing the most to help the CCC provide a great customer experience for our clients around the country.

Our winners and nominees for Q4, 2018 are:


Hannah Holloway (CCC5) – We now call her the submittal queen. She helped knock out probably 50 submittals and counting for JPMC. No matter how many times we asked her to revise them due to the complicated, ever changing spec, her attitude never changed. Always positive. She stepped up and got it done – Every. Single. Time. Unfortunately she is now cross eyed (JK)! But really, she has been a crucial part of the on-boarding of JPMC to CCC5.
Hannah is a quiet professional who never seeks the limelight or credit, but simply goes about her business in an outstanding way and gives every task her full effort. What an asset she has been since joining our team!

Chad Weber (Red Leonard) – He goes above and beyond to assure that Circle K orders are correct and shipped on time.
He is always there when I need something for Cree and is a big part of the Circle K job process.

Tiffany Reedy (Bell & McCoy) – Tiffany is very helpful when requesting pricing or information on an item and always responds quickly.
She is awesome! One of our best rep agency partners!

Olivia Gonzales (CCC3) – she’s always grinding and asking the right questions. She’s someone that the team often turns to for help, which says a lot. She’s dedicated to what she’s doing and is always trying to improve.
Is a true leader with the CCC3 team and a great asset.

Michelle Piccone (Div 14) – She is the fount of knowledge when it comes to the Burlington account and she has become such a team player!
Michelle has been an incredible asset since joining FSG. She is extremely knowledgeable in lighting, has great relationships and is well respected within Burlington, and demonstrates an incredible work ethic every day.

JT Graham (CCC3) – he’s put a lot of work into helping everyone learn the Circle K account. He’s very knowledgeable on the account and is willing to share what he knows as well as help where he can.
Has the WORST jokes you’ve ever heard but is always trying to pick up the team and lighten the mood.


Andrew Wimmer (Logistics Manager) – Always helpful, willing to explain until you understand. Helpful even if it doesn’t necessarily involve him. Always good for a laugh to keep things lighthearted.

Diana Gonzalez (CCC1) – I haven’t been a part of the team long, but I would like to nominate Diana because of her patience and positivity when she is teaching me something new or different.

Jacoya Dunnings (Corp AR) – She has been a huge help in getting invoices cleared out for Simon at year end. Has a great work ethic and I am so glad we have her at FSG.

Rebekah Goolsby (Corp AR) – She is willing to help with anything and everything concerning billing. Works diligently to get the answers need in order to assist customers and does it all with a great attitude!

Debbie West (MDC930) – Always helpful, willing to get the job done and find a solution, an overall great asset to FSG
Debbie is always being quick and helpful when there are questions or concerns about an order. She is the best at catching little things that get missed on my end and makes sure to get with me so that issues are handled swiftly and efficiently. I know our customers benefit from Debbie’s attention to detail and eye for quality.

Donny Yeh (Green Creative) – He is on top of our FSG orders and incredibly responsive.

Ben Calhoun (Div 17) – His willingness to help out whenever and however he can has truly helped on multiple occasions. He is hard-working and has a get it done mentality shows through every time.

Clark Kessler (LEDVANCE) – He has been a lifesaver. He is the Yardi rep from LEDVANCE and he is always quick and helpful. Even when he doesn’t have the answer he’ll direct you to the one’s who can get you an answer i.e. who handled Cracker Barrel with Osram – not even his account but he put me in contact with whom I needed to work with. He never presumes to know, he asks you the questions to make sure we are on the same page and 9 times out of 10 we are – he communicates and produces every time.

Cecil Chavez (CCC2) – I keep nominating him, but each time it’s well deserved. Not only does he bring a burst of sunshine into the pod (sunshine starts around 10:30 when he’s finally awake) but I know we can all count on him to help us when we are needing back up on our accounts. He’s a great asset to the team.

Chris Dembosz (MDC970) – We all know how busy warehouse managers are but any time I reach out to MDC 970 for any issues Chris is very quick to respond back. I always appreciate his help on orders
Chris has done a stellar job at making sure all of Morgan Stanley deliveries are made by requested time, even if it is only a matter of hours notice!

Jason Dembosz (MDC970) – Jason did a great job at stepping in while Chris was out managing the material and deliveries

Antonio McMaron (Div 90) – he has a great attitude, always tries to provide all the information needed, and is just all around great to work with.

Richard Linn (CCC4) – Always has his head to the grindstone. Working hard at what he is doing.

Frank Torti (Div 30) – Always a great person to go to for advice on tough items you are needing or dealing with.

Daniel Tran (CCC3) – So far he’s really taking initiative and stepping up to help wherever he can. He’s really making an effort to get familiar with our accounts and learn the processes and procedures we deal with everyday. Glad he’s apart of CCC3 and I’m eager to see how far he will take us as a team member.

Marla Ferguson (JD Martin) – She is awesome. She always goes above and beyond what I request. She responds to any and every email to let you know that she is working on something even if she doesn’t have an answer for you right away. She has helped me with Maxlite warranties, when Maxlite won’t respond she jumps right in and takes over if need be. She never says “No I can’t help you”. She helps you find the right person, phone or part number. She is awesome!

David Stringstroh (Ecosense) – David only took over our account a month ago but he has been nothing short of amazing. I request multiple quotes a week from him, most of the time for the same material, and he always has the quote back to me within hours (sometimes minutes). He never complains about having to quote the same material over and over to me. He is on top of it and I think he has been a great fit for our account.

Lori Graham (CCC5) – She knows what she’s doing and does everything she can to help the customer and her team!

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