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Certified Crane Operator Practical Exam

article title squareOn April 29th, seven men from FSG Dallas and FSG Fort Worth came together at FSG Fort Worth to take the practical portion of the Certified Crane Operators exam.  The morning began in the classroom with an introduction by the Examiner and a short video outlining the scope of the exam.

At the end of the video and once all the paperwork was filled out, the operators were allowed some time to familiuarize themselves with the equipment that was going to be used for the exam.  

The truck, provided by FSG, was positioned and configured by the test examiner within the perameters of a course setup by the test examiner.  Each operator was expected to use the crane to manuver a load through series of obsticles and challenges.  Each stage of the exam was timed and road pylons with tennis balls on top were used as barriers for the course.  A knocked off tennis ball represented a point deduction while a knocked over pylon represented a larger point deduction.  The operators were allowed a set amount of time for each challenge and points were deducted for going over the time limit. 

It was a fascinating process to watch and the skill and effort required by each operator was amazing.  Below is a short video from the test that day. Thank you to all of FSG’s aeriel operations technicians for bringing your very best to FSG everyday.  FSG is proud to be able to offer it’s customers qualified, competent, aeriel  services and knows that it is only because of the men and women who work and train so hard every day that FSG can offer these services reliably.

If your branch has pictures from your local Certified Crane Operator’s practical exam, send them to us along with the names of those participating and we will add them to the gallery.

The particpants in the April 29th Exam were, Glenn Perdue, Norman Montemayor, James Pharr, Phillip Land, Jamey Smith, Jim Ustanik, Mark Anderson.  Ernie Conn is pictured with the group and was the host for this exam on this day.  

group pic

Here is a short video that gives a glimpse into the challenge of the test that day.  


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