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Customer Care Center 4th Quarter Awards

The Customer Care Center has announced their Spotlight Awards for the 4th  Quarter of 2017.

The CCC Spotlight Award is a quarterly recognition program which is voted on by the members of the CCC (which includes NACMRO, Local MRO and NAC Lighting Projects teams).  The goal of the program is to “shine the spotlight” on those who are doing the most to help the CCC provide great service to our customers around the country.

Our winners and nominees for Q4, 2017 are:


Ron Dunn (NAC MRO) – Ron always gives it his all no matter what he is working on. He is always digging into his work and really cares about doing a great job. He has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to lend a hand.

Sherry Leonard (Philips Lighting) – Sherry has done a great job since taking over as our customer rep and does everything she can to help with getting orders out and RMA and RMA request processed as quickly as possible. She has played a key role in helping FSG and Philips understand how to work together better.  She is always very professional, responds quickly, and is a pleasure to work with.

Andrew Wimmer (Logistics Manager, MDC930) – I had two shipments delayed due to the holidays and Andrew was able to jump through a bunch of hoops to get both deliveries on site on time. One shipment was contracted to a major carrier, but sub-contracted to a low level carrier.  The low level carrier had very little information on our shipment.  Andrew was able to get the delivery made by 10am after a two day delay. The second shipment was delayed and Andrew was able to contact another hot shot type carrier to rescue our shipment and delivery by 5pm the same day.  Andrew was able to handle all this while on a conference call with GE.  I think that is pretty impressive.  Both customers were pretty upset for the delays, but after Andrew corrected the delays they were very appreciative and pleased with the way we handled it. Andrew was instrumental in helping FSG secure the distribution services portion of the GE-CVS project with timely and accurate pricing of complicated logistics and transportation functions.

Tony Olivapotenza (Div 25 – Manhattan) – Tony has been instrumental in helping with the Neiman Marcus Hudson Yards project. He was been wonderful to work with and very patient with guiding me through the New York team’s projects procedures. He has helped us established better procedures and improved communication to be able to handle such a large project in an efficient manner.

Christine Enderle (Phoenix, Outside Sales) . She handles several large accounts and is always professional and a pleasure to work with. She is doing amazing work helping us grow our market share in Phoenix.  Seemingly never has a bad day.  Always great to work with, no matter what may be happening or the time of day (or night).

Olivia Gonzales (NAC MRO) – When someone new starts you always worry how they are going to fit into a group of tight knit people. When Olivia arrived she slipped in like she has been here for years. She has caught on very quickly and been a great asset to our team. Plus it is great to have someone else in the office that understands how nasty bacon & cilantro are!

She has adapted well to the group and has been able to jump right into placing orders and taking phone calls with confidence.  She has a natural talent for Customer Service and is able to stay calm even when speaking with those not so nice customers.  She’s been a great addition to our team. She has been a huge help with MRO accounts already and is learning quickly. Very efficient and a great communicator.


Aarika Babbs (NAC Projects) — This girl is nothing short of amazing! Working with her during this BBI relamp has been great. She is always on top of things and makes sure that I have all the info I need to place her orders. She is a kind hearted person but sure knows how to light a fire under someone if she needs information.

Rachel Booth (Local MRO) – She worked so hard while Kelli Fabela (her team lead) was out and it was very notable. 

Adriana Trevino (NAC MRO) – Even with the unpleasant customers she remains positive and helpful.

Terri Fields (Ledvance)  –Every time I have a question on a delisted item or status on a 1 million line PO Terri with Ledvance goes beyond the call of duty to provide detailed updates. Great help like this day in and day out helps me to update my customers quickly and accurately. I appreciate Terri.

Tara Visker (Lighting Projects) – She stepped right in and helped with everything my customer had while I was out for vacation. She is a great team player and I’m proud to have her on our team!  She is a difference maker.

Cecil Chavez (Local MRO) – Always willing to lend a hand to any and everyone. Has an amazing attitude and work ethic.

Alex Alarcon(MDC912)  – There have been a few orders that I have thrown his way that were sudden “Needs to go out today!” orders and I know that once he says that he’s got it I do not have to worry about it anymore.

Annie Markham (PowerSecure) – Annie is my contact at PowerSecure.  She processes all the warranty orders for Soraa lamps that come from Tilly’s and Godiva.  She’s very quick to respond back and 9 times out of 10 my order will be processed and set to ship out the following day.  She’s always been very helpful when I have questions about any part of the procedure.  Soraa warranty request is one of the few, if not only, LED warranty orders that I don’t cringe at when it hits my inbox. 

Kurt Burkhalter (FSGE30) – Good hard worker.  Always willing to help. 

Daniel Thomas (Local MRO) – He works very hard to provide the best service possible and is always on the ball with the JPMC project. Also, he’s always ready to assist whenever help is needed or questions need to be answered. 

Melissa Connell (HLA Dallas) – Always gives quick responses & is very friendly.  Easy to work with.

Diane Thurston (Mercer Zimmerman, Kansas City) – AL11 has a number of very good rep agents, but she’s the best. She communicates changes quickly, catches errors, and is very easy to do business with. She’s been a big help lately. She is very quick to respond to any requests we have and orders always go smoothly.

Craig Applegate (Div80 – Indianapolis) – He’s done a lot of work over the last quarter trying to rebuild relationships with our AL80 customers and vendors, and he does his best to keep lines of communication open.

Kevin Romney (Div17 – Phoenix) – Without his help we would not be able to do the things that we do in Div17. He works diligently to insure that material and deliveries run smoothly.

Nicole Cusson (Corporate Office) – Nicole is the new receptionist at the corporate office and she is amazing.  

Chad Weber (Red Leonard) – He is a great vendor rep for the Cree/Circle K jobs. He is always there when I need something and if he doesn’t have the answer to my question, he will go out of his way to find it. 

Nathan Smith (Outside Sales – Dallas) – He is super eager to learn all things Sonic and get as much business as he can. I am really looking forward to working with him. 

Cameron Carpenter (Solutions Team) – He’s great to work with. Gets you the information that you need, easy to work with and gets answers quickly.

Mary Collins (Straits Lighting) – manages the Aramark orders better than any other manufacturer I work with. Even if I’m sending 10-15 POs in a day, she gets me the ship date prior to shipping so that the site is ready for delivery, provides the tracking information as soon as the orders ship and then follows up with who signed for the orders once it’s delivered. She’s a rockstar.

Isaiah Ramdeen (Lighting Projects) – Hard worker and awesome teammate. He learns quickly and takes initiative. He takes the time and thought to make sure all of his work is his best work. His enthusiasm for his job is refreshing and appreciated.


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