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Customer Care Center Q3 Awards!

The Customer Care Center has announced their Spotlight Awards for the 3rd Quarter of 2017.

The CCC Spotlight Award is a quarterly recognition program which is voted on by the members of the CCC (which includes NACMRO, Local MRO and NAC Lighting Projects teams).  The goal of the program is to “shine the spotlight” on those who are doing the most to help the CCC provide great service to our customers around the country.

Our winners and nominees for Q3, 2017 are:


Antonio McMaron (NAC Service) – He is fairly new to team 2 and has shown to be such a great communicator and team player. It has been a pleasure working with him on the Beauty Brands projects. Antonio has brought a new sense of teamwork and communication.  Always pleasant and enthusiastic.  What a great addition to our team! 

David Burrough (ALA) – David is trying really hard to mend the relationship between FSG and ALA. He is very quick to respond and has been helpful in getting material to sites for various customers. David has done a great job really stepping up and helping us out with some key customers like Simon.  He is making a real difference for us. 

Margaret Richardson (Lighting Projects) – Margaret continues to step up and lend a helping hand even with everything on her already full plate. Even if it’s not her account, or not something she is familiar with, I always can rely on her to get the job done and keep the customer happy. A true team player. Margaret has been really awesome with teaching me COINS and always answers my phone calls, even when I know she may not want to!

Richard Linn (Lighting Projects) – He is a great example of staying cool under pressure. He may have a lot going on but he always has a positive attitude and is willing to help if something it thrown his way. Richard is a valuable team member in more ways than one. Quite knowledgeable with lighting and if you are having a tough day, Richard’s kind, friendly spirit will allow you get through it.

Diana Gonzalez (NAC MRO) – she has really stepped up and gotten more confident in her role in Simon and I am really proud of her! Diana is such a great team player.  She never calls attention to herself; she quietly goes about her business and is doing such a wonderful job with a tough account like Simon.

Ricky Sipes (Local MRO) –  he’s been doing awesome. A very conscientious employee. Always willing to cover for others, willing to help however he can. Ricky has been a fantastic addition to our team. He’s willing to work hard and never backs down from a challenge. Also he is one of the most kind and thoughtful persons I’ve ever met. I feel like Ricky has really stepped up this quarter. He brings a positive attitude, willing to do anything for the team. He’s been a great addition to the Local MRO team!!


Isaiah Ramdeen (Corp office) – He is always eager to help. He has played a significant part in helping with the RFQ phase for Starbucks projects. He is quick and detail oriented.

Kelly Manuel (SCILights) – Her response time is amazing. Whenever I am in a crunch I can always count on her to give me answers quickly. She is always on top of it.

Kara Short (NAC Solutions Team) – I’ve had one experience working with her and it was great. I needed help VE’ing a big warehouse for Texstar Enterprises. Not only did she have a prompt turn around, but she gave me 100% of what I needed.  Fantastic service!

Mary Friedrich (MDC930) – She is kind, courteous and is always willing to step in and help when people are out of the office.

Hannah Holloway (Lighting Projects) – She has done a great job of asking questions and offering help wherever she can. She’s eager to learn and contribute to the team in anyway possible.

Kurt Burkhalter (FSGE30) – Long story short, Kurt stepped up to help me in a sticky situation. He made sure it was taken care of immediately, even though it wasn’t his problem, all while making me feel like it was not an inconvenience to him at all. His positive attitude and help made a stressful situation a LOT less stressful, while getting it resolved.

JT Graham (Lighting Projects) – JT is a great resource. He likes to solve problems and share his knowledge. He’s one of the first people I go to when I can’t figure something out. Even though he might not have the answer right away, he will take the time to think about it. I may have moved on from the problem, but he will come back days later with an idea of a solution. I think that is a great way to be and an example we can all learn from on helping each other out while learning from one another.

Courtney Goerner (Lighting Projects) – She is my go to person for everything. Even though she is so busy, she always gets her own work done and still has time to help others with theirs, while keeping a positive and professional attitude. If anyone is in a bind she always steps up to take care of it. I feel very lucky to be able to learn from her.

Tara Visker (Lighting Projects) – she’s always willing to help and teach me something new, and does a thorough job in doing so. I also feel as if she is super knowledgeable about what she does, and has a passion for it. She is intense she is someone who really cares and loves what she does.

Jason Samuelian (NAC Outside Sales) –  He has been very hands on when working with the Corporate office. He helped me with a “difficult” franchisee. He is always willing to help and gets involved quickly.

PaMee Vang (MDC930) – She’s always been a helpful resource, especially with all the returns she has to handle for all of us.  She’s quick to get the RM processed and get call tags sent out.

Alex Alarcon (MDC912)/Javier Rodriguez (Inventory Control) – There have been some situations recently where I had to change out an order and still make sure that it goes out that same day and Alex and Javier have been awesome in making sure my orders get out the door.

Chris Dembosz (MDC970) – We all know how busy this guy is every day which is why I’m always surprised as to how quick he can get back to my emails and confirm my order has been taken care of.  He’s very good at making sure to stay on top of things.  

Dondi Lish (TCP) – As always, incredibly helpful and great to work with. I loved the new approach TCP had with their product release when they came to visit. She is always available to answer questions and I can always depend on her for anything I may need. It is always great to have that kind of support.

Debbie West (MDC930) – She can always get the job done quickly and efficiently. I can count on her no matter what. She is a wealth of knowledge and wonderful to work with. She has been absolutely amazing with the Outback project orders and helping me keep them organized. I am sure I have irritated her many times over the past couple of months but she has always been so very helpful! No matter the issue I am having or the mistake I have made she is always happy to help fix the problem.

Melissa Ocanas (NAC MRO) – Great asset, pleasant personality. Hard worker. Good with customers on the phone.

Frank Torti (FSGL30) – One of the top FSG contributors. A great person to go to for tough parts to locate. In most cases, knows what they are and where the best place is to get them.

Jessica Buckner (Texas Lighting) – Jessica is always very prompt in her email responses and is always willing to assist in finding material. If the material requested is discontinued she always sends and alternative option in her response. This is super helpful.

Melissa Connell (Hossley Lighting) – Melissa is always very helpful whenever I reach out to her. She is never rude or short with you if you do not know exactly what you are looking for. She goes above and beyond to make sure that the quotes we receive are correct and make it to us in a timely manner. Her responses always come over with a smile.

Rachel Booth (Local MRO) – for being a wonderful leader for her LMRO group.

Karisha Losada (Green Creative) – always quick with status, subs or RGAs. Makes the ordering process easy and seamless.

Ashley Lopez (NAC Service) – for all the hard work she does getting the Sephora warranties taken care of. She’s always on the ball when I ask her about something and is quick with a response and happy to help.

Christine Enderle (Outside Sales – Phoenix) –  She is sending us a lot of orders (we appreciate the business!) and she is always professional and a pleasure to work with.

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