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Customer Care Center Spotlight Awards

The Customer Care Center recently announced the winners of the CCC Spotlight Awards for the 2nd Quarter of 2015.

This is a quarterly award voted on by the members of the CCC, recognizing people inside and outside of their team who have had the most impact on their operations in that quarter. The CCC is proud to “shine the light” on these winners and nominees who made a significant impact in the 2nd quarter and have allowed us to provide great service to our customers .

Our winners for Q2 2015 are, with some of the comments from the CCC team:

Erin Callahan (Lighting Designer, Pre-Sell Team, Div 90) She is an excellent extension of the projects team; she has stepped up with designs on the Conn’s projects. She put tons of effort into a variety of projects. Has helped on her day off and multiple times late in the evening. Has gone above and beyond. Truly cares about producing a top quality product to make FSG look great.

Rodney Shaddox (Receiving Team Leader, MDC930) He always tries to meet our needs and usually is successful in doing so. He doesn’t say no. When one resource falls through he thinks of another solution. He thinks big picture and keeps FSG’s end users in mind. Customer service from someone that doesn’t work directly with customers, says a ton about his character, and we are lucky to have his help. Rodney for the win! In a pinch he has always helped me out. Never seeks the spotlight. Always working to help us meet our commitments. A true professional in every sense of the word.

Lindsey Whisler (Team Lead, NAC MRO) Always helpful and happy to be here and will help wherever she is needed. She is always very helpful with any and all questions that I have on a day to day basis and is always there to support and teach. Seemingly never has a bad day. Her great enthusiasm and can-do attitude are infectious. Does a great job with every account she touches. Volunteered to step up and take lead on the Simon account again to keep us on track with that key client.

Chris Dembosz (Operations Manager, MDC970) He is a huge support and very eager to assist with any issues. Always so helpful and efficient. If there is a mistake made, regardless of where the fault lies he goes the extra mile to make things right. We had a problem with Cracker Barrel earlier this year due to an incorrectly specified lamp. The correct lamps had been on back order with the manufacturer for months and had just arrived in Chicago. Chris arranged to have the lamps picked up and then he and his entire team got 175 orders out the door in a day, along with call tags for the stores to return the incorrect lamps. Chris and the entire Chicago team went above and beyond to execute this re-lamp.

Courtney Goerner (Project Manager, NAC Lighting Projects Team) She transitioned from NAC MRO to Projects and is doing an awesome job! She is a great addition to our team. Always positive and willing to help. True professional. Will do what it takes to get the job done. She’s doing a great job with one of our most important clients – Neiman Marcus; she has really settled that account down and gotten us back on track with them.

Others receiving consideration:

Chelsea Rivera ( ​CCC ​​R​eceptionist) – She is eager to learn more and I think she has a great attitude every day!​ Always willing to help in any way.​ Paul MCcarthy ​ ​(Ops Mgr, MDC930) ​- Great support at the warehouse and has been a huge help to me lately!

Lindsey Rosen ​ (Project Manager, NAC Lighting Projects Team) – Great job on the tough Starbucks account and stepped up to help with other new business.

Shelly Nixon ​ (Marketing Assistant, Div90) ​- Shelly has helped with custom cut sheets when we had absolutely no way of getting them done ourselves. She did an excellent job. Revised them a 100 times without complaint and turned them around quickly.

JT Graham ​ (Team Lead, Local MRO)​. He is always willing to help others​ and mentor members of the Local MRO team​.

Debbie West ​ ​- I think Debbie West ​deserves recognition. Any time I need something in 930 she is there to help. She will pull ​an ​order, let me know when something is received, take care of ​will callC, and coordinate large shipments for job related projects. All around team player.”

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