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FSG Welcomes Eco Engineering

As FSG continues its mission to expand and grow as a company, we are excited to welcome the employees of Eco Engineering to the FSG Institution. This merger of talent and capability only serves to strengthen and solidify FSG’s position in the marketplace as a leader in energy efficiency solutions for facilities large and small. The Eco Engineering team, 80 strong, brings a rich history of lighting retrofit experience, energy services solutions, and commercial solar installations.

Bill Brunette

Bill Brunette, former COO of Eco Engineering, now VP at FSG, expressed his excitement, stating,

“I am thrilled about this merger. FSG shares values similar to ours, and I am impressed by how much they prioritize taking care of their people. We are joining a great institution, and I am eager to see what we can accomplish as part of FSG.”

In the coming weeks, the Integration Team at FSG will be working with existing clients of Eco Engineering to establish go-forward plans on existing contracts and projects. Sales teams will be evaluating the pipeline and backlog of Eco Engineering and identifying a strategy for execution on that pipeline and backlog.

FSG’s HR team will be working with Eco Engineering employees to help in their transition to becoming true FSG’ians.

We are excited to welcome Eco Engineering to FSG and look forward to the many new opportunities created by this joining of talent and vision.

If you have any questions about this merger, you can reach out to FSG’s Opportunity Integration Team through the communications department by emailing Brannon Bourland, Director of Marketing and Communications at [email protected]

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