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Today is Employee Appreciation Day!

Today, we appreciate you! All week we’ve been sharing posts on our social media channels featuring testimonials from some of our leaders on what they appreciate most about YOU – FSG’s hardworking employees. Today, you can view them all here.

On Monday, we heard from Brannon Bourland, Director of Marketing & Communications, and Leon Mowadia, COO of Distribution.

On Tuesday, we heard from Oscar Montes, Director of Purchasing & Communications, and Kevin Siebrecht, VP of Solar

On Wednesday, we heard from Michael Taylor, VP of Signs, and Chris Wills, Director of Project Management at NAC.

On Thursday, we heard from Brian Stahl, VP of Chicago, James Klassen, VP of Construction – Southern CA, Steve Frank, VP of Kansas City, Sam Smith, VP of Austin, and Jeremy Ripley, VP of Dallas.

Today, hear from Jason Zipprian, COO of Construction, Hunter Kasten, VP of Indy, Brian Dwyer, VP of Houston, Rudy Alanis, Chief People Officer, and Ricky Tripodo, VP of New York – Electric.

FSG employees are the lifeblood of our success. Without your unwavering commitment and outstanding contributions, we would not be where we are today. We take immense pride in recognizing your hard work and appreciate the sacrifices you make every day to make FSG what it is. THANK YOU!

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