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Pam Patton Earns UL 508A Certification

Pam Patton, Master Electrician – QA/QC at FSG Prefab has earned her UL 508A Certification! This significant achievement is the result of Pamela’s dedication and hard work over the past few months. She diligently studied the coursework provided by UL and successfully passed a rigorous four-part test to achieve this certification.

The UL 508A Certification allows us to market FSG Prefab as a UL Listed 508A Panel Shop, providing us with a unique flexibility to label either mass-produced or custom-built Industrial Control Panels (ICPs) without needing UL’s examination of each design. This certification ensures that our panels meet stringent safety and performance standards, which is often required from customers and engineers.

Key Benefits of this certification:
Enhanced Credibility: Having a UL Listing will immediately provide comfort and confidence to our customers and their engineers, reinforcing our commitment to quality and safety.
New Opportunities: This certification opens the door for us to independently build and assemble control cabinets for HVAC and lighting controls.
Comprehensive Assurance: While our products are always built from individual UL-listed components, this certification enables us to list the finished assembly itself as a UL-listed product, ensuring comprehensive assurance of safety and performance.

Join us in congratulating Pamela on her accomplishment!
For more information on the UL 508A Certification, click here.

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