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Employee Recognition: Roberto Gonzalez

Electrical Superintendent Roberto Gonzalez recently joined FSG from Eco Engineering and his crew just earned recognition from McKinstry as part of June Safety Month for the work they’re doing on a Dakota County lighting project in the Minneapolis metro area!

McKinstry Safety Manager, Wilder Hoxie said:

Roberto Gonzalez

“Roberto Gonzalez has worked on multiple projects with McKinstry, traveling around the country with his team and interfacing with McKinstry staff in Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, and other areas. Roberto’s commitment to safety is evidenced by his diligence in completing daily pretask plans and performing lockout/tagout in all situations. Lighting contractors have different challenges from some of the more high-profile trades. Their work can be very repetitive and often one location seems like every other. Ensuring diligent consistency with his team, Roberto adds safety and professionalism with the mindset of safety efforts being the basic blocking and tackling that lead to project success. As part of June Safety Month, I’d like to thank Roberto and his team for their partnership and sustained efforts in ensuring safety.”

Congratulations, Roberto! Keep up the good work!

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