The FSG Electrical & Aerial Service Technician Exam

Fill in the answers to the questions below to complete the FSG Electrical & Aerial Service Technician Exam.  Your results will be emailed to your manager and recorded in your FSG Education training record.

The FSG Electrical & Aerial Service Technician Exam

Customer Service & Communication

What 3 service benchmarks are service technicians specifically graded on?
The best customer service FSG can give is by:
Any time a tech is about to leave a site that is an emergency issue or the need to communicate with your dispatcher or NAC is elevated, do so:
Communication does not start and end with the customer, it:
Along with verbal communication, a technician MUST:
FSG National Accounts Central is:
If the scope of work on the work order is different than what the NAC customer on site is requesting, you must:
Before leaving the site, confirm all requirements are complete and:
Technicians can transfer materials from truck stock to the work order using the mobile service app.
A customer can sign the work order using the mobile service app


What Are Lumens?
What Is the Kelvin Scale?
What Is a Flourescent Bulb?
What Is a LED Bulb?
Are LED Lights Considered Green Technology?
What Is a Damp Rated Light Fixture?
What Happens if a Flourescent Bulb Breaks?
What Is an IC Recessed Lighting Fixture?
What Is a PAR in Lighting Stands For?
What Is the Three-Way Wall Switch?
A Capacitor is Connected Across the Flourescent Tube Circut in Order to:
In Electric Discharge Lamps, Light is Produced by:


What Does LED Stand for?
What Voltage Does an LED Light Run on?
What are the Benefits of Replacing Your Ordinary Bulbs with LEDs?
What Measurement Should You use for Light Output on an LED Bulb/Fixture?
A 400 Watt HID Street Light Puts out More Lumens than a 300 Watt LED.
LED Lighting Systems use About Half the Energy as a Flourescent System to Achieve the Same Light Levels.
What Typical Color Temperature is an LED Available in?
How is the Output Power Measured for a LED Driver?
LEDs Require Some Type of Heatsink Internally or Externally to Cool the System or Bulb.
What Is a Standard Lifecycle for a LED Bulb?


How Can a Sign be Energized? Name Two Ways.
What Classifies a Confined Space, as it Relates to a Sign?
Can a Multimeter be Used to Measure the Output Voltage of a Neon Transformer?
What is the Maximum Wind Speed for Working on Signs?
Most Older Signs Have What Type of Flourescent Lamp?
All Components of Your Fall PProtection Must be Inspected __ to use for Wear, ___, and Deterioration.
Anchorage Point for the Fall Protection Must be Capable of Supporting ___lbs of Force.
What Type of Cable/Wire Must be Used to Jump Out Neon Glass Letters?
The Switch Located on the Sign or Wall Next to the Sign is the Only Means of Powering the Sign.
What Is a Cabinet Sign?
What Is a Pylon Sign?


What is the minimum size wire allowed on a 30A breaker?
What article in the NEC covers grounding and bonding?
What is the maximum # of bends allowed in a run of conduit before you have to install a pull box?
What is the first step before using your meter to test for voltage?
How many current carrying conductors are allowed in a conduit or raceway before you have to de-rate?
True or false, MC cable must be supported independently of the acoustical ceiling it is running above?
What is the minimum clearance required in front of an electrical panel?
How often should MC cable be supported?
When is it allowed to stand on the top of a ladder?
What depth does PVC SCH 40 have to be buried?


Which of the following is a benefit of automatic lighting controls?
A standard toggle switch is an automatic lighting control.
What is the function of a daylight harvesting system?
PIR (passive infrared) occupancy sensors automatically switch lamps based on detected occupancy using a technology that reads ___ In an area.
Ultrasonic occupancy sensors automatically switch lamps based on detected occupancy using a technology that reads ___ In an area
Occupancy sensors can be used both indoors and outdoors.
A timeclock is an example of what type of control?