Certified Professional Service Technician Form

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The Certified Professional Service Technician program is a quarterly based program designed to reward those technicians who maintain the standards of Facility Solutions Group. Facility Solutions Group is focused on hiring, training, and employing the very best. It is NOT our goal to keep anyone from achieving certified status but rather to equip and enable all service technicians to become Certified Service Professionals and to provide an avenue in which they can enhance their personal income.


The Incentive Plan:

  • Certified Technicians will receive a 1% Incentive payment of the total sales for all qualified work orders above 15% gp where they are assigned as the lead technician.

The following list of criteria is the minimum standard for a Certified Professional Service Technician.

**To earn and keep your “Certified Technician” status you must meet or exceed the following minimum skills, education & performance standards.

**Must be full-time "FSG Certified” Service Technician and be assigned to a company service vehicle

**Must be a Journeyman or equivalent in their trade. (Must be SE5, AE5, or equivalent technology technician)

**Must successfully pass the “Certified Tech” exam.

**Must preview E-Learning or attend Instructor-led course on Mobile Service App & PTP training.

**Must meet or exceed the minimum score of 100 points out of a possible 120 allowed on the quarterly review evaluation process conducted by the local Service Mgr.

Categories are:

  • Attitude - Must possess a positive, professional attitude.
  • Appearance - Must wear appropriate company uniform and maintain a clean and groomed appearance.
  • Attendance - Must not have any unexcused absences.
  • Punctuality - Must be on time for work and meetings.
  • Policy - Must not have any disciplinary reprimands.
  • Safety - Must not have any recorded safety violations.
  • Policy - Must not have any disciplinary reprimands.
  • Safety - Must not have any recorded safety violations.
  • Accidents - Must have no at-fault work or vehicle accidents.
  • Vehicle - Must maintain a clean and organized vehicle.
  • Not to exceed - Must be aware and stay within Not To Exceed amounts.
  • Inventory - Must maintain inventory within 5% variance on cycle counts.
  • Paperwork - Must complete all paperwork accurately and detailed on a tablet.
  • Sales - Must promote customer relations and the FSG package.
  • Asset maintenance - Must maintain all assigned company assets.
  • Communication - Must maintain great communication with branch dispatcher & NAC personnel
  • PPE equipment - Must be properly taken care of.


Immediate & Automatic Disqualifying Criteria Per Quarter:

  • If on any Employment probation during the quarter
  • If any “At Fault” traffic accidents
  • If any “recordable” at fault work-related accidents or incidents
  • Hot Work /lockout tag out Safety Infraction
  • Expired trade license (must keep active license)
  • Expired CDL (when applicable)
  • Not using MWOC


The Process to Calculate Dividend Amount:

  • The Technician who is assigned to the work order will receive the incentive.
  • Exceptions:
  • The Service Manager has the authority to correct assignments when the wrong tech was assigned to work order.
  • If another Journeyman had to be brought in to fix the problem even though they did not have the majority of the hours posted to that work order.
  • This program applies to work orders only
  • Incentives will be paid the following month of each quarter ended.
  • Payments due under this program will first be applied to any outstanding employee loans or
    payroll advances.


Additional Incentive Program:

  • Technician sales on or over $500,000 will receive a $1500 travel voucher


Cancellation of Program:

  • This program may include additional continuing education requirements as per FSG recommendations throughout the year and/or by Branch Mgmt.


“Continuous Training - Improving existing competencies and acquiring new skills to meet the demands of technological change is very necessary for today’s business environment. Without a willingness and desire in this area, we will fall short of the high expectations for ourselves and our company.”
- FSG Constitution


  • This program may be canceled or changed at any time at the discretion of management if they feel it is in the best interest of the Company.
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