The FSG Technology Service Technician Exam

Fill in the answers to the questions below to complete the FSG Technology Service Technician Exam.  Your results will be emailed to your manager and recorded in your FSG Education training record.

The FSG Technology Service Technician Exam

General Safety

What Is Personal Protective Equipment?
What Is House Keeping?
What Is First Aid?
What Is an Incident?
How Often Should You Inspect Fall Protection Equipment?
What Is Pre-Tasked Planning?
How Many Points of Contact Should You Maintain with a Ladder at all Times?
Hand Tool Injuries are Usually Caused by Miss-use and Improperly Maintained.
What Is the Name of the Practice that Involves Locking Down and Electrical Device and Labeling it so Others Know Who Locked it and Why?
It Is the Responsibility of all Employees to Understand and use Electrical Safety Everyday.


What is the maximum length a Category 6 cable is allowed to be installed from faceplate to patch panel?
What is the maximum length a Category 6 cable is allowed to be installed including patch cables?
What are the two types of cross-connections?
What is the maximum bend radius of a Category 6 cable?
When should the cabling installation team identify potentially hazardous areas?
A basic test to verify proper cabling installation is:
Which of the following is NOT a tool available to help the troubleshooter find the source of cabling problems?
___ is the loss in power of a transmitted signal as it travels down along a cable.
Insertion loss can be caused by ___.
When testing / troubleshooting fiber, which fiber test equipment should be used to send a powerful LED or laser light to verify if light can travel the distance of the fiber?