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Director of Learning & Development

Job Description

As the Director of Learning and Development (L&D), you will play a key role in shaping the
educational and developmental programs and initiatives of Facility Solutions Group. You will be
responsible for creating and implementing strategies that aim to enhance the quality of education
and achieve educational objectives while ensuring that the programs are aligned with the
company’s mission and values. Through your leadership and guidance, you will foster a culture of
continuous learning and development, empowering the workforce to acquire new skills, knowledge,
and competencies to help them grow personally and professionally. As the chief architect of the
company’s education and training programs, you will lead a team of educators, trainers, and subject
matter experts and collaborate with other departments to ensure that the programs meet the needs
of the business and its employees.

Duties and Responsibilities

● Educational Leadership: Provide visionary leadership and strategic direction to the
educational department or organization. Develop and articulate the organization’s
educational mission, goals, and policies. Ensure alignment with overall organizational
● Curriculum Development: Lead the design, development, and evaluation of educational
curricula, instructional materials, and assessment tools. Collaborate with subject matter
experts, educators, and curriculum specialists to ensure relevance, effectiveness, and
alignment with educational standards.
● Program Management: This role oversees educational programs and initiatives’ planning,
implementation, and evaluation. It ensures that programs meet learners’ needs, adhere to
educational standards, and comply with relevant regulations. The person in this position
also monitors program outcomes and makes data-driven decisions about improving the
● Professional Development: Develop and implement professional development programs for
teachers and educators. Provide opportunities for ongoing training, mentorship, and
support to enhance instructional practices, curriculum delivery, and assessment
● Educational Technology: Stay abreast of technological advancements in education and
integrate innovative educational technologies into teaching and learning practices. Promote
the effective use of educational technology tools and resources to enhance instructional
quality and student engagement.
● Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborate with teachers, administrators,
parents, and community stakeholders to foster positive relationships and partnerships.
Regularly communicate to gather feedback, address concerns, and ensure a collaborative
and inclusive educational environment.
● Data Analysis and Assessment: Analyze educational data and assessment results to monitor
student progress, identify areas for improvement, and inform instructional strategies.
Implement data-driven decision-making processes to improve educational outcomes.
● Policy Development and Compliance: Stay updated on educational policies, regulations, and
compliance requirements. Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure
adherence to educational standards, student safety, and legal obligations.
● Budget Management: Develop and manage the education department’s budget, ensuring
efficient resource allocation and utilization. Monitor expenditures, control costs, and seek
funding opportunities to support educational initiatives.
● Research and Innovation: Stay abreast of current educational research, trends, and best
practices. Promote a culture of innovation, continuous improvement, and evidence-based
practices. Implement research-based strategies to enhance educational outcomes.


● Master’s or doctoral degree in Education, Educational Leadership, or a related field
● Significant experience in educational leadership, instructional design, or curriculum
● Strong knowledge of educational theories, methodologies, and best practices.
● Familiarity with educational standards, regulations, and compliance requirements.
● Experience in program management, including planning, implementation, and evaluation.
● Excellent communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills.
● Ability to build and maintain collaborative relationships with stakeholders.
● Analytical and data-driven mindset with the ability to interpret educational data.
● Knowledge of educational technology tools and their integration into instructional practices.
● Budgeting and financial management skills.