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Robotic Total Station Operator

Job Description

As a Robotic Total Station Operator, you will report directly to the divisional BIM Department Manager as well as the local jobsite Superintendent. The BIM department is responsible for creating all the shop drawings and prefab layouts for field installation. The Robotic Total Station Operator will take detailed measurements, notes, and pictures of the proposed construction locations, conduit routes, and equipment layouts.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform assigned tasks utilizing AutoCAD and other technology tools.
  • Set up and operate Layout equipment, such as Trimble Robotic Total Stations (RTS) and GPS Total Stations (GTS).
  • Handle and carry Layout equipment on various terrain.
  • Locate and mark points throughout a jobsite for Electrical installation.
  • Read drawings and perform layouts according to approved plans and shop drawings on the jobsite.
  • Lift and move materials safely out of the way to mark points needed to make drawings.
  • Communicate effectively with others on jobsites about your assigned task and the space needed to complete the task.
  • Perform all work within the confines of FSG’s safety rules and regulations.
  • Perform additional assignments as requested/needed.


  • Must be licensed in Texas.
  • Must have a Driver’s License
  • Must have experience with surveying equipment (GPS rover/Robotic Total Stations/data collectors)
  • Must have experience with boundary/ALTA/Topo/utility surveys as well as construction stakeouts
  • A minimum of 2 years of field experience is required.
  • Be able to travel and work outside in different weather conditions
  • Must be able to work independently as a 1-man survey crew