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Training Specialist

Job Description

To train all FSG employees in systems, processes, and skills to maximize employee productivity and increase employee satisfaction in the workplace. Training programs may include lesson plans and training aids. Monitors effectiveness of training on employees using individual or group performance results.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create learning and professional development programs for the FSG workforce. They will plan, organize, and direct various training activities to achieve maximum business results through training and consultation with employees and management.
  • This may include creating process guides, script writing, holding webinars, and creating information for online training modules and certifications.
  • Perform duties to assess, audit, develop, deliver, and evaluate training program plans to improve employee productivity (Fit and Tight) and increase workplace satisfaction.
  • Collects feedback on sessions from attendees for future improvements to content and presentation.
  • Work in a team environment with all trainers/SMEs to communicate development change requests and learning strategies.
  • Misc. office duties, audit, and reports as requested by the Business Process Manager.


  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Exemplary interpersonal communication & relationship skills
  • Ability to identify and evaluate productivity and skill gaps.
  • Demonstrate experience/expertise in FSG disciplines.
  • Current FSG Employee with knowledge of FSG systems, i.e. Coins, GUI, Central Intel
  • Exceptional detail oriented