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For Their Fellow Man

excellencePurpleOne of the things that has always set FSG apart from others in our industry is our attention to the details and our commitment to the service of others.

Recently, that commitment to detail and attention to others was highlighted by the significant actions of several FSG team members on a job site in downtown Chicago.


While working on a life safety installation in a downtown high-rise, the crew noticed an individual attempting to jump from the 13th floor of a neighboring building. The team wasted no time in getting help and guiding first responders to the distraught individual. Within minutes rescue crews arrived on-scene and assisted in getting this fellow man off of the ledge and down to safety where they can receive the help and services they need.

FSG would like to recognize the efforts of the following team members for being willing to set their FSG duties aside momentarily and focus on the more important task of caring for another person.

Eddie Paladino. Foreman
Curt Reiner. Journeyman
Barry Lymperopoulos. Journeyman
Mike Kallman. Apprentice
Kevin Wakabayashi. Apprentice

FSG is proud of these men’s service to their community and we pray for recovery for the person they so willingly assisted. Join us in expressing appreciation to these Chicago teammates for a job well done.

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