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FSG Achieves Incredibly Low EMR For 2016

A company’s Experience Modification Rating (EMR) compares its workers’ compensation claims experience to other companies similar in size who operate in the same industry. FSG Is excited to announce that its EMR for the 2016 Fiscal year is 0.57.

This is an incredible achievement for a company of FSG’s size to receive such a low rating.

Why is it important? The EMR is important because it offers the ability to get a credit or debit in the rating of the WC policy, and this credit/debit could significantly change the final premium. Because of this influence over final premium, it provides employers with an incentive to provide safety and loss prevention programs as well as an incentive to have injured employees return to work as quickly as possible (FSG has an aggressive back to work program).

More importantly FSG’s EMR tells us that our team members value safety and are doing a great job of making sure everyone has a successful and safe working experience at FSG. It is practically unheard of for a company in the electrical contracting industry of FSG’s size to have such a low EMR.

With over 3 million hours worked last year, FSG’s low EMR is a significant achievement contributed to by the entire FSG workforce. Congratulations and thank you to every FSG team member that makes safety a priority every day!

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