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FSG and Propel Earn Their BICSI Certification

FSG San Antonio and Propel Career Academy are proud to announce they are a BICSI-certified trainer. With this newly acquired accreditation, students at Propel Career Academy are able to begin earning toward their BICSI certification through the apprenticeship program.

BICSI, standing for Building Industry Consulting Service International, defines standards in the areas of information technology and telecommunications (Carroll 2022). Students interested in earning their BICSI accreditation are able to do so in years three and four of the apprenticeship program. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be equipped in working with technologies such as electronic security, data technology, audio and video technology, and more.

Cory Bruner, FSG’s Safety Manager and Propel Career Academy’s Director, views this as another way to provide opportunities for students and instructors at Propel. With this certification, FSG can train their employees to become BICSI instructors, empowering the next generation of electricians to become versed in telecommunications and technology.

Cory credits this win to the Tero team at FSG San Antonio, specifically Steve Cain, Robin Portenier, Duke Portenier, and Alan Giroux. Without them, this exciting achievement could not have been possible.

If you are interested in becoming a BICSI certified instructor at Propel Career Academy or if you’d like to learn more about obtaining a BICSI certification through Propel Career Academy, reach out to Cory Bruner below.

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