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FSG Houston Upgrades IKEA Distribution Center over Thanksgiving

IKEA needed reliable backup power at their Baytown, Texas, distribution center to avoid costly shutdowns during potential outages. FSG Houston won the project, committing to complete the installation during a single Centerpoint shutdown to minimize downtime. The catch? The tight schedule only allowed for installation during the distribution center’s Thanksgiving break.

A dedicated team of 18 electricians from FSG Houston worked tirelessly during the holiday to meet the deadline. Despite the tight deadline and supply chain challenges, the team’s expertise shone through. Concrete slabs and bollards were pre-laid by a subcontractor, and the four 600 kW Generac generators were ready, allowing our team to focus on the critical installation and wiring process. Each of the facility’s two buildings received two generators, ensuring ample power backup.

The crew finished the project in three and a half days while the facility closed for the holiday break. The client was delighted that the project was completed on time and within budget.

FSG’s commitment to excellence and efficient project management ensured that the IKEA Distribution Center is now equipped with a robust backup power system, ready to tackle any unforeseen challenges without disrupting operations.

A big thank you to our hardworking team: Joe Bryant, Johnny Schooler, Jerry Rodriguez, Jaime Rodriguez, Thomas O’Boyle, Jose Reyes, Francisco Regalado, Rene Salazar, Jose Regalado, Rony Canales, Luis Larios, Royce Robertson, Mike Sasser, Anthony DeLaGarza, Brian Harrison, Alexis Canales, Nick Nicoletti, and Allyn Bostick

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