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FSG is Raising the “G” in Downtown Austin

Team Austin recently added another highlight to our ever changing skyline.

This install was unique in that the new sign resides over 400 feet above the street and had to be installed in multiple sections using a swing stage and equipment hoists as the sign itself is approximately 18ft x 18ft and weighs a few thousand pounds. In addition the weather conditions have to be almost perfect with little or  no wind due to the swing stage safety requirements.   FSG Austin was hired by Everbrite Signs and partnered locally with DPR  and a team of contractors to help make sure this was a successful install. With safety being top priority for all parties many hours were spent planning, documenting,  and training for the types of equipment to be used and the heights the team would be working. FSG 20 safety manager Ernie Conn played a major role in coordinating with the safety officers from the GC and Steel company to ensure everyone was on the same page and the entire team knew what to do in the event there had to be any emergency action taken.  Ernie was present onsite during the entire installation to make sure the team had whatever they needed to stay safe and execute the install. Kudos to the installation team that braved the heat and height to install this new addition to our City Skyline.  FSG install crew – Shawn Hanson, Juan Guerrero, Rodney Roemer, Michael Burdett, Chilen Torres, Luis Hurtado. FSG Supporting Cast – Ernie Conn, Bill McCart, Wes Warnken, Scot Furguson. Many thanks to the entire team. WELL DONE!!

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