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FSG Opens the First In-House Apprenticeship Program

Congratulations to the San Antonio Team for building a training and education center, and launching the first FSG in-house apprentice training program to develop the next generation of journeymen and FSG leaders.

Utilizing the National Center for Construction education and Research (NCCER) curriculum, the San Antonio division offer’s FSG employees a 4 year apprentice education consisting of 720 hours of class room and hands on training, as well as the required 8000 hours of on the job training required to fulfill Texas requirements to sit for the journey level exam and licensing. In addition, San Antonio as an NCCER Assessment Center offer’s journey level skill assessment and enhancement through the same NCCER curriculum in their training center.

The first 20 students started their level 1 class on January 8, 2019 and will start level 2 second year in September 2019. Facility Solutions Group’s San Antonio apprentice program is accredited through NCCER and registered with the US Department of Labor and the Texas Department of Licensing.

Again, Congratulations to San Antonio and the volunteer instructors dedicating your time and resources to give back to the future of FSG.

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