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Meet FSG’s Product Department!

Meet FSG’s Product Department, a team of dedicated employees serving as a guide for all technology products developed and adopted by FSG. As an organization, its main priority is to ensure a smooth experience for all those within the company.

Named the Chief Product Officer in January of this year, Adam Haynes believes that his responsibility is to provide the employees of FSG with access to tools that will support their daily efforts. As a leader in the B2B product market for more than a decade, he finds it necessary to provide efficient and effective solutions to complex needs or problems. Adam’s team of employees has set performance standards in order to drive a new level of quality at FSG. 

The Product Department is comprised of three teams: Product Management, Product Development, and Product Training.

The Product Management team works directly with the internal and external users of the various products to fully comprehend their needs and pain points. They then translate their findings into process and development plans to ensure the user experience is as seamless as possible. 

This team is constructed of 4 leaders: Matt McCallon, Jeff Blasdell, Jon Magee, and Andrew Wimmer. Their focus is primarily on managing and further developing FSG systems such as  GUI, AR Intel, ProTracker, EcoInsight, and FSG’s eCommerce storefront. 

The Product Development team consists of software developers and engineers who work alongside the Product Management team to help bring their visions to life. With a clear and concise plan, the Product Development team is able to build complex and efficient applications with a straightforward user experience.

This team consists of 8 leaders: Allen Baker, Anthony Perry, Mike Cooper, Eric Andruscavage, Jonathan Baker, Jamie DeLong, Robert Davis, and Ryan Olson. Their goal is to ensure FSG’s systems are running smoothly for the best possible experience, whether that is user experience, delivery of data analysis, or tracking activity, all ultimately maximizing return.

The Product Training team is equipped with the knowledge and patience it takes to educate all employees on FSG’s various technological tools. The initial adoption of and process integration is critical in getting the most out of these systems for the company. On the Product Training team are Deon Snider and Bill Pearson. Their priority is to ensure each employee feels adequately equipped and comfortable with the systems that aid them in completing their jobs. 

If you have any questions for the Product Department, reach out to Adam Haynes directly at [email protected] or by submitting a form below. Adam notes, “I don’t believe in communication barriers, so I encourage user feedback from all levels of the organization.”

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