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FSG Rutgers Alum Works With Alma Mater

FSG’s own Bernie Erickson was featured in a recent piece in 1766, the alumni journal for Rutgers University.

Bernie Erickson (Rutgers class of 1980) has been a businessman since high school, and continued moving up in the world until he founded Energy Solutions in the late ‘80s.  He brought that business to FSG in 2006.

Bernie and FSG have been conducting major retrofit projects with Rutgers for many years, including a 2009 project performed under the aegis of the PSE&G Economic Energy Efficiency Stimulus Program for Municipal, Local, and State Government.  A new, ongoing project is also being performed at the time of this writing.  These projects have brought the multitude of opportunities of new, energy efficient lighting to one of America’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning.

Read more here about Bernie’s excellent work, and see how FSG is at the forefront of the future of green energy!

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