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FSG Supports Dallas Smart City Pilot Project

FSG’s Dallas branch was honored to support the City of Dallas with its award-winning smart cities project. For FSG, the project provided another opportunity to help communities understand the many benefits of smart city technology. The project was ranked first out of the top 50 “Smart City” projects around the world. FSG was also instrumental in supporting another Smart Cities project in Greenville, South Carolina.

The recognition comes in response to the completion of Dallas’ Red Cloud Neighborhood Smart Cities Pilot Project, which was begun in 2021. For the pilot project, Dallas selected its southeast District 5 community, where all streets, alleys, and sidewalks were renovated to include multiple high-tech networking and monitoring upgrades.

As part of the project, 190 homes in the upgraded neighborhood enjoy community Wi-Fi, the work of Air Quality Monitors (AQM), and the increased security provided by situational awareness cameras at select locations that piggyback on newly installed LED streetlights integrated with wireless access points.

For Dallas, the Red Cloud project is expected to deliver valuable neighborhood-specific data that will assist with public safety efforts as well as future infrastructure planning. Early project success has already created a drive within city council meetings to see the project rolled out across other districts around the city.

With projects like the Red Cloud Program, FSG takes particular pride in improving the quality of life for our neighbors in Dallas. When lighting and technology solutions impact people’s lives in such an immediate and positive way, everybody wins.

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