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FSG Takes on Las Vegas at Realcomm IBCon 2018

Eight members of the FSG Energy team, along with Jared Johnson, Director of California Operations, and Bill Graham, CEO, exhibited and presented at Realcomm IBcon 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 6-7.

In addition to showcasing Clarity™, Gary Ament, FSG Energy Engineering Manager, and Mike Smith, FSG Energy Project Manager, presented in the Smart Building Best Practices Showcase on a nationwide Clarity™ rollout completed for one of the nation’s leading telecommunications providers.

In its 20th year of existence, Realcomm | IBCon 2018 focuses on the intersection of commercial and corporate real estate, technology, automation and innovation. This year’s theme, “The Age of Acceleration: Navigating Global CRE Technology and Innovation”, focused on what it takes to understand and implement new technologies in a world of intelligent buildings at a speed never experienced in modern history. These technologies are no longer just tactical, incremental changes to the operational model, but rather are resulting in wholesale changes to the purpose and operation of real estate. 

One of the most powerful messages from the conference came from the keynote presentation by Bob Sulentic, President and CEO of CBRE. Sulentic said that it is important not to get caught up in the “hype” of technology because it is not sustainable. Rather, technology must be embedded, commercial and make important client impact in order to be effective.

FSG is proud to be a customer-centric organization focused on bringing the greatest technology and services to our clients. The FSG Energy team is committed to continually improving our Clarity™ energy management and building automation system to ensure that no matter what facility, what device, or what system, FSG can deliver a turnkey solution to solve our clients’ unique needs. 

For more insights into the conversations from Realcomm IBCon, please use this link to access sessions and interviews conducted at the show.

For more information on the latest on Clarity™, visit fsgenergy.com.


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