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Houston Happenings

by Carrie Barton, div-40e

With a city as large and diverse as Houston, you can bet the entertainment is large too.

Recently FSG was contracted to install several new signs for Bayou Place, a 130,000 square foot entertainment complex that houses multiple theatres, bars and restaurants located in downtown. Technicians Frankie Moreno, Robert “Gumby” Natusch, Mario Gandara and Fred Bazan installed numerous signs for Live! at Bayou Place located on the second level of Bayou Place for world-class establishments including PBR Houston, Lucie’s Liquors, Shark Bar and Chapel Spirits. 

Techs also installed signage for the Samba Grille South American Restaurant and the Blue Fish sushi bar which originated in Dallas. Signs were designed and manufactured by FSG Signs in Austin, and as you can tell from the photos came out amazing. Houston is ever expanding and changing and we are ready! 

 Go Texans!

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