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Houston’s Aim For Success Team Building Event

FSG Houston recently hosted their 2nd Annual Aim For Success Team building event. With the help of Bell & McCoy and GE, this event brings the Sales Team, Projects Team and Operations Management together for a sporting clay shooting tournament.
Awards were also handed out and the team enjoyed a good old fashioned cook out as well! 
Some of the key points communicated and trained on during the event include:
  • Aim to achieve your goals
  • Be prepared, and develop a strategy to win more of your targets
  • Make adjustments in your preparation and execution to increase your wins
  • Be focused and take ownership of the entire process and outcome
  • Learn from others that are having greater wins
  • Listen and be willing to accept change in process if needed
  • Understanding the value of utilizing quality products and Brands
  • If you fall short, raise your sights
  • Follow through after your shot
  • Evaluate your wins and try to repeat what contributed to its success
  • Learn from your losses to make improvements on your following shots

What a great event and a fantastic way to reinforce some timeless business development truths that we can all be reminded of! 


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