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Introducing a New Experience for Our Employees

As our business family continues to evolve into an Institutional model, we acknowledge that our biggest advantage and the secret to our success is our People. We believe that to achieve our goal of becoming the best institution within the industry, we must first focus on the business’s infrastructure. HR’s new functional model will focus on increasing productivity and enabling the growth of the business through talent initiatives, with the intention of delivering value to all employees.

“Success, or being successful, requires a positive contribution to others.” 

FSG Constitution

Serving as an advocate for all employees, the HR Department is focused on delivering data-driven solutions. With a team of seasoned professionals, the new structure supports the needs of our ever-expanding employee population. Additionally, it allows HR personnel to concentrate on their expertise to better serve their customers, the people of FSG.

Left to Right: Sunny Rajabi, Amanda Rogers, Rudy Alanis

With this in mind, HR is now divided into seven teams. This structure includes HR Project Management and Talent Analytics, as well as Employee Experience, a new employee-oriented function focusing on locally serving our employee lifecycle.

Additionally, the creation of HR Centers of Excellence (CoEs) is intended to serve employees and leaders in all of their personnel needs. These CoEs include Field Recruiting, Office Recruiting, Learning and Development, Compensation and Benefits, and Labor and Compliance.

FSG’s HR Structure, click to expand.

HR Project Management and Talent Analytics

HR Project Management and Talent Analytics is a key component across all HR functions. A team of one, Amanda Rogers designs and executes HR project rollouts such as system implementations, talent initiatives, employee dashboards for HR analytics, and various employee surveys. Amanda’s HR expertise allows her to aid every HR team to support, design, document, and improve HR’s functionality.

Employee Experience

Employee Experience exists to support the employee throughout their FSG lifecycle. The team consists of a Director of Employee Experience and six regional HR Generalists. They are responsible for standardizing and delivering all HR processes, engagement, and infrastructure to our local employees. Their duties include, but are not limited to onboarding, benefits administration, engagement events,  performance management, running employee investigations, updating the Human Resource Information System (HRIS), managing the employee lifecycle, and consistently communicating with the employees.

The Employee Experience team is led by Sunny Rajabi (Houston) and supported by Suja Thomas (HRG, Dallas), Alex Zelaya (HRG, Austin), Annette Mendoza (HRG, San Antonio), Jarysel Miller (HRG, Northeast), and Kristina Stapp (HRG, National Accounts). The Houston HRG role will be filled at a future date.

Field Recruiting

Field Recruiting’s focus is on the attraction, acquisition, and retention of field employees. With a history of utilizing temporary agencies to outfit our field staff, we are investing in the standardization of the recruitment process. This involves identifying, attracting, hiring, and retaining regional field talents. 

Led by Juan Villarreal (Dallas), the team will consist of four field recruiters based in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and the Northeast. Juan has begun cultivating relationships with local schools and professional organizations to attract highly skilled electricians that align with FSG’s culture. 

Office Recruiting

Office Recruiting specializes in the attraction, acquisition, and retention of office talents. Starting with one experienced recruiter, Junior Gomez recognizes the value of attracting a candidate longing for a career. Junior’s duties include, but are not limited to, managing the Applicant Tracking System, building staffing campaigns, pre-assessing candidates, and collaborating with all Hiring Managers to fill open positions across FSG.

Top: James Balagia, Cameron Jones. Middle: Junior Gomez, Robin Taylor. Bottom: Juan Villarreal

Learning and Development

Learning and Development’s responsibility is to ensure every employee is sufficiently trained and supported throughout their career with FSG. With specialized training unique to FSG, the team develops an in-house curriculum for all job positions, ultimately providing every employee with a career path. Learning and Development is responsible for building and administering assessments and training on an individual or team basis. Through the Learning Management System, FSG Learning, employees can build individual learning profiles, while keeping track of their professional development.

Learning and Development is overseen by Robin Taylor (Austin) and supported by two Designers Hannah Watt (Conroe) and Joaquin Rivera (Conroe), and three Trainers Jessica Miller (Conroe), Antonio Mcmaron (Dallas), and Aleda Thorpe (National Accounts). 

Compensation and Benefits

The primary goals of Compensation and Benefits are to provide employees with a transparent and comprehensive understanding of their pay and benefits, to analyze, assess, and provide employees with the best available programs, and to log and distribute payroll company-wide.

Conducting market research, the team supplies accurate compensation data for each role at each location within the company. Additionally, the team manages the benefits vendors, designs and communicates all Variable Incentive Plans, and manages and implements government programs such as the Affirmative Action Plan for the company.

Compensation and Benefits is led by Cameron Jones (Austin) and supported by Amy Guerrero (Austin) leading Payroll and Compensation, and Mary Payne (Austin) leading Benefits.

Labor Relations and Compliance

Labor Relations and Compliance, a new area of expertise, is dedicated to ensuring FSG adheres to all labor laws across the country. James Balagia (Austin) aids managers and HR professionals in understanding and implementing laws and regulations. He is responsible for updating and educating our leaders and employees on the Employee Handbook, conducting and managing labor audits and compliance investigations, handling labor lawsuits, and providing consultation and guidance to all FSG employees. 

The HR department is here for you! We believe that our employees are invaluable and the best is yet to come. If you have any questions regarding the new structure, please reach out to your local HR Generalist. I’ll be visiting all major cities before the end of the year to discuss what this HR structure means to you and the future of FSG.

Thank you for all that you do for the success of FSG. See you around!

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At FSG, we place a high value on celebrating delicate and important moments within our employees’ lives. If you have a story you’d like to see on FSG Resources, please share it! Email Madeleine Wills at [email protected] with stories, ideas, or questions!

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