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IEC Graduates – Division 40

The Largest Graduating Class for Houston

This year FSG 40 has its largest graduating IEC class. We are proud to announce 19 employees will graduate this year. We appreciate all of the graduates’ dedication and commitment to the four year program, and we look forward to continuing to invest in the future of our company.

The employees graduating are as follows; Alexander Cravey, Gilbert Cruz, Jose D. Cortes, Justin Dowden, Cleanard Johnson, Derek Kester, Nicolas Macias, Tomas Morales, Jonathan Nichols, Cesar Ramirez, Francisco Regalado, Jason Roberts, Gregorio Robles, Ruperto Robles, Jordan Roy, Byron Sosa Jr,. Christopher Underwood, Brandon Watterson, Tim Zientek.

Alexander Cravey

Cesar Ramirez

Byron Sosa

Tim Zientek

Francisco Regalado

Jonathan Nichols

Jose D. Cortez

Ken Johnson

Nicolas Macias

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