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Immanuel Christian School in El Paso, TX decided they were in dire need of a lighting upgrade. When they turned to FSG El Paso for a solution, they were provided with more than an LED retrofit.

Initially, John Davis, the head of Immanuel Christian School, was in the market for LED lighting to replace the outdated flourescent lighting throughout the school and church.

When he expressed that their electric bill was more expensive than he would’ve preferred, Jerrod Kew, FSG El Paso’s Division Vice President, turned them onto the Gauge Systems meter. This provided Immanuel Christian with full visibility into what their facility’s energy consumption is in real time data.

The parents entrusting Immanuel Christian with their children were concerned with the steps the school was taking in order to combat the spread of COVID-19. Jerrod Kew introduced Immanuel Christian to FSG’s UV solutions.

“If you want a business that is relationship driven that you can call on anytime, choose FSG,” said Justin Curry, Immanuel Christian’s IT Coordinator.

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