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Introducing Brian Stahl | FSG Chicago

We are excited to announce FSG Chicago’s newest Division Vice President, Brian Stahl. Previously the Construction Department Manager for the Chicago operation, Brian brings his years of industry experience and a clear vision for the future.

Upon graduating from Marquette University in Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Science in Finance in 2003, Brian began assisting his family friend out of his house at his independent electrical estimating firm. Brian assisted in doing takeoffs and getting bids together for about a year. Demonstrating his talent and inherent drive, Brian proved himself to have a future in the electrical construction industry.

In 2004, Brian began working as the Estimator and Project Manager for a smaller scale family-owned commercial and industrial electrical contractor in the Chicago area. Brian’s experience expanded throughout his fifteen years spent with the company, serving as the Assistant Estimator, transitioning to Project Manager, and finally being named the Vice President. At the company’s peak, they were a fifty-person operation averaging nearly ten million dollars in construction in the Chicago market.

Brian joined FSG in 2021 as the Chicago operation’s Construction Project Manager. Prior to being hired, Brian had previously come into contact with FSG a number of times. Between competing against and working in conjunction with FSG, Brian was enamored by the people within the company and the reputation it had in the Chicago area. When meeting with Steve Frank, one of FSG’s Executive Vice Presidents, Brian was ecstatic to find similarities between them such as their background, values, and their vision for the future of the operation.

As for Brian’s individual vision for FSG, he wants to see FSG Chicago as the premier commercial and industrial electrical contractor in the local market. His plan includes growing the lighting retrofit business and growing the service business with more local house accounts focusing on key market sectors with growth potential. Brian has tasked the electrical construction department on building and maintaining relationships with architects, engineers, general contractors, and developers in an effort to increase opportunities and reach revenue goals. Brian has plans to grow the outside sales team in Chicago and seek out additional experienced talent for the construction department. 

Brian acknowledges that serving as the Division Vice President is an incredible opportunity and no easy feat. He says, “The support, encouragement, and resources utilized in order to execute a shared vision provides an individual with purpose and fulfillment. There is never a dull moment when you enjoy what you do, and you enjoy what you do when you have found that purpose and fulfillment. I’m grateful to have found it in FSG.”

Brian and his wife, Melissa live with their three children in the greater Chicago area, just two doors down from the family friend that gave him his start in the industry!

Join us in congratulating Brian on being named FSG Chicago’s Division Vice President!

At FSG, we place a high value on celebrating delicate and important moments within our employees’ lives. If you have a story you’d like to see on FSG Resources, please share it! Email Madeleine Wills at [email protected] with stories, ideas, or questions!

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