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Introducing The FSG Web Store

FSG has developed a new web presence to better serve its customers, both external and internal. Introducing the FSG Web Store. The site is fully functional and serves as a great sales tool and resource for FSG sales representatives. Continue reading below for more about the key features of the Web Store. (All photos are screenshots from a cell phone, just as the salespeople would demonstrate to their customers).

In order to reach the FSG Web Store, go directly to https://storefront.fsg.com or to FSG.com, select the menu bar in the upper right corner of the page, and select Shop.

Some key features of the Web Store include, but are not limited to improved search features, high-quality images, detailed specifications, and the ability to sell to anyone.

Improved Search – Enter the type of lamp or fixture, as there is no need to memorize the 8-digit or 5-digit number (although feel free to memorize it as you can still search by item number). Each item displays the available stock in FSG’s inventory, instantaneously alerting the customer of availability and base price. Customers with existing accounts have access to their unique customer pricing.

High-Quality Images – Updated product images provide the customer with a more clear idea of the product they are ordering.

Detailed Specs – On each product page, there is a linked spec sheet detailing the associated product.

Ability to Sell to Anyone – All web visitors, whether or not they are set up as an FSG customer, are able to shop and purchase through the storefront. 

As the site continues to develop and improve, all new requests from existing customers for online access will be set up using the new storefront. Once fully developed, all customers will be migrated to the new site and FSG Storefront will take the place of the existing customer portal. While the existing portal is still available to customers, they are able to utilize the new FSG Web Store immediately or at their leisure.

For now, please check out the new and improved web store. If you need support or have any questions or suggestions for the FSG Web Store, please contact Andrew Wimmer at [email protected]

​​Happy selling!

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