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It’s National Apprenticeship Week!

With November 9th through 14th being National Apprenticeship Week, what better way to celebrate than to demonstrate how vital apprentice electricians are while highlighting some of FSG’s very own workers.

With more people considering alternatives to earning a four year degree from a university, apprenticeship programs are a great option. This is why FSG’s Cory Bruner established the Propel Career Academy. The opportunity to earn a living wage while learning a specific trade is more attractive to some than accruing student debt while attending college. Apprenticeship programs allow students to have a direct career path while learning a skill set they are passionate about. With a clear-cut path, students are able to better envision themselves in the workplace. The combination of classroom teaching and hands-on training allows apprentice electricians to gain a better understanding of the importance of both components.

Below you can find more information about Propel Career Academy and blog posts that highlight the importance of apprentice electricians while giving a glimpse into a day in the life of an FSG electrician. Keep an eye out for FSG on Facebook for more updates throughout the week!

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