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Keeping It Legal – Subcontracts

 by Deon Snider TDC

Keepin’ it Legal

Through many arduous hours, countless modifications, and continuous enhancements, FSGE has developed a formalized  “Standardized Subcontract”.   

After creating the contract, we worked with “Legal” to ensure the viability and sustainability of the subcontract.  Once this process was complete, we then created a “Fill in the blank” template that self populates the pertinent information throughout the body of the subcontract.   

This subcontract was forwarded to each of the P2P – Construction PM’s and to Div Mgrs to pass along to any other PM’s that may have subcontractors on their projects.    

Regardless of size or scope of work, this Subcontract is now to be used as the “Official FSG Subcontract” for ALL parties that FSG subcontracts work to perform.  We have the responsibility to protect our company from unnecessary risk and liability that exists in the world of subcontracting work to others.  If you have any questions as to how to use or apply this subcontract for your specific job, contact your Division Mgr for clarification. 

A special thanks to Chris Durocher and Danny Koo from the Austin Division for their hard work, leadership and technical support to bring FSG this very important tool… Thank you for looking out to protect all of our interests. 

If you are logged in, you can download the subcontract form by clicking HERE

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