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Lisa Marie Quinton

by Robin Taylor, TD&C

Lisa Joins the FSG Family 

Lisa Quinton (pictured on the left next to Terry Kelly) joined FSG’s New Mexico branch in December of 2010, after being in the industry since age 15.

She grew up with parents working for manufacturer reps and also working at electrical distribution warehouses. She can still remember, as a little girl, walking thru the warehouse with wire nuts on her fingers. She learned the products and the electrical/lighting “lingo” early on, so now it all comes naturally. 

Lisa previously worked for a local residential and commercial contractor as on Office Manager and Procurement Officer. Lisa was originally hired as an FSGL Lighting warehouse personnel but has shown her talents are much more, and the opportunity came for her to expand her position. She has become a focal point person at FSG Electric, New Mexico, as the Administrator and also dispatcher for the El Paso and southern New Mexico area. 

Lisa loves being a part of the FSG family and we welcome her enthusiasm and spirit she brings with her!

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