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FSG Featured in Lighting Management and Maintenance Magazine

FSG is honored to be featured in the January/February 2024 issue of the International Association of Lighting Management Companies’ magazine, Lighting Management and Maintenance, showcasing a current project at the Denver Health Medical Center.

FSG has maintained a decade-long relationship with Denver Health Medical Center, successfully retrofitting several of its facilities. When the hospital awarded a retrofit contract to a local ESCO on their latest project, revamping lighting in the Obstetrics and Pediatrics building, they recommended that the ESCO turn to FSG for assistance.

David Meeker, FSG Account Manager, led the project, and Cody Bass, FSG Project Manager, led the project management team. Cody and his team devised a strategy to enhance efficiency by creating mock-ups for each room before the installation. This ensures that everything is ready when installers perform the work, reducing the time spent in the actual rooms. Minimizing the time installers spend in the rooms allows more availability for the rooms to serve their intended purpose.

The article’s author summed up the project best when he said, “The success of FSG’s partnership with Denver Health Medical Center stands as a testament to the importance of expertise, innovation, and a collaborative approach in achieving transformative results in healthcare lighting.”

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