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NAC 4Q Awards

The NAC 4th Quarter Awards Are Here!


Please congratulate the following members of our NAC Family on receiving 2016′ s 4th quarter’s awards. These are always a tough one to figure out!.

As you know, these are awards bestowed by the NAC leadership to the team members who have contributed the most to NAC’s success during the quarter. Each of the winners below have met or surpassed the criteria set for their award, and they have clearly demonstrated the outstanding qualities the leadership group at NAC looks for in our team members when presenting these awards. They mean something to us, as they should to everyone here.
This quarter we have some new names added to the list along with some that are becoming very familiar!

Jason Lorance – Top Performance
The “Top Performance” award goes to the employee who has contributed above and beyond during the quarter, delivered an outstanding contribution to profitability, or generally is recognized as the TOP performing employee of the quarter.

This is what Steven Smith had to say about Jason:

“The last quarter of 2016 Jason was given an additional task of providing tech support for the EMS Clarity system that was installed in the Circle k’s across the nation. With an already demanding work load this doubled his daily task. He had to learn how to provide accurate diagnostic information to the many HVAC techs requesting live support while learning how to navigate the new portal.   His input was crucial in creating a process to smoothly transition this responsibility from  the FSG Energy Dept to the service team. He also took on the task of training Louis Berry to assist in the support calls.”  

Jazmine Cole – Spirit Award
The “Spirit Award” goes to the employee who demonstrates consistent positive attitude in all settings each quarter.

This is what Robert Toles had to say about Jazmine:

“Jazmine always comes into work with a smile on her face that lasts all day. She has a very infectious personality that brightens up the pod and her laugh can be heard around the floor. Congratulations Jazmine you have earned the Spirit award.”


Nominees by category-

Spirit Award –  Ashley Lopez, Jazmine Cole

Top Performance – Holly Turrentine, Ashley Lopez, Michelle May, Jessica Duncan, Shawn Marshall

Last Quarter Winners –

Spirit Award –  Kristina Stapp

Innovation Award –  Holly Turrentine

Top Performance –  Amber Burchette


Congratulations again to all of you!

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