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NAC Awards – Q1 2017

Here are the NAC Awards for Q1 2017!


Please congratulate the following members of our NAC Family on receiving 2017′s 1st quarter’s awards. These are always a tough one to figure out! Especially with so many nominees for Top Performer.

As you know, these are awards bestowed by the NAC leadership to the team members who have contributed the most to NAC’s success during the quarter. Each of the winners below have met or surpassed the criteria set for their award, and they have clearly demonstrated the outstanding qualities the leadership group at NAC looks for in our team members when presenting these awards. They mean something to us, as they should to everyone here.

This quarter we have some new names added to the list along with some that are becoming very familiar! 

  Hannah Halphen

 – Top Performance – To the employee who has contributed above and beyond during the quarter, delivered an outstanding contribution to profitability, or generally is recognized as the TOP performing employee of the quarter.

This is what  Chris Wills had to say about  Hannah:

Despite being wrapped up in the normal rush that happens at the end of every Circle K fiscal year (April 30), Hannah has also been a major contributor to the Chase team, especially with respect to pushing the billing through. 

One of Hannah’s biggest strengths is reflected in her willingness to dive in to anything she’s asked to. She fully engages by getting to the root of the task, and taking ownership of her assigned responsibilities. All the while seeing the bigger picture, and trying to help others improve along the way. Her contributions to both teams are immeasurable, and she’s always willing to do more.

Pam Bates

– Innovation Award – To the employee who provides the most innovative idea that enhances short and long term organizational productivity.

This is what Chris Wills had to say about Pam:

For the creation, refinement, and automation of the spreadsheet Lighting Audit/Proposal tool that we have been forced to develop in order to complete the new level of lighting work we are landing. Pam’s initiative and commitment to bettering the process are allowing her deliver a tool that will improve the efficiency of every team managing lighting rollouts.  Her persistence will pay huge dividends moving forward

Sandra Vongchanh

 – Spirit Award – To the employee who demonstrates consistent positive attitude in all settings each quarter.

This is what  Holly Turrentine   had to say about  Sandra :

In the time that Sandra has been with FSG she has made an effort to meet everyone on the floor and is a stranger to no one.  She has a get it done attitude with a have fun personality.    Sandra has made sure her customer Sephora knows who she is and they are pleased to be working with her.

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