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National Accounts 4th Quarter Awards

FSG would like to congratulate the following team members on their exceptional performance in the fourth quarter of 2015.

 Awards are given by the NAC leadership to the team members who have contributed the most to NAC’s success during the quarter. Each of the winners below have met or surpassed the criteria set for their award, and they have clearly demonstrated the outstanding qualities the leadership group at NAC looks for in our team members.

Kim Bowser – Spirit Award –  demonstrates consistent positive attitude in all settings each quarter.

This is what Randy Allen had to say about Kim: I nominate Kim Bowser for the Spirit Award. While she may be leaving Vendor Relations at the end of this month to pursue an opportunity at Div. 20 in Austin, based on her performance/attitude for the last Quarter, I think she’s a viable candidate. Kim is a social butterfly and within a short period of time, I think she’s won the hearts of many of her peers. In the past 6 months, she hasn’t missed a day of work and even on the days where she’s felt ill, she’s come to work with a smile on her face and maintained the bubbly personality we’ve all come to enjoy. She does well in a social setting, isn’t easily discouraged, loves to gather data and works well in a team or independent setting. She’s goal oriented and isn’t afraid to ask questions when the message isn’t clear or to ensure a mutual understanding of the objective. She’s very charismatic, so I will say this….it’s easy to get caught up in conversation with Kim. I’ve learned to work with her personality by limiting “conversation” and keeping my answers brief and direct which keeps her focused and on task. I can’t recall anyone having anything negative to say about Kim or her abilities….quite the opposite, actually. When she notified the office of her move, I was inundated with positive feedback. In my opinion, Kim is indicative of the culture we like to promote at FSG which is why I’m conflicted with her move. On one hand, I’m saddened by the fact that she’s leaving our team. On the other, I’m pleased to know that she’s going to continue on as part of the FSG family and for that, I wish her well in her future endeavor.

Julio Martin – Top Performance – contributing above and beyond during the quarter by delivering an outstanding contribution to profitability, or generally is recognized as the TOP performing employee of the quarter.

This is what Steven Smith had to say about Julio: Julio has one of the strongest work ethics on the floor. When thinking about how to determine the proper process in selecting a top performer two question’s usually pop up “Why does this person stand out and why should they be recognized over others.” It is not fully based on the load a person handles. For me a person must have two major traits. The first would be the desire to satisfy their client above all else and the second trait that must be present is the ability to receive a directive without resistance. Julio takes a ton of pride in his making his clients satisfied. Julio as the innate ability to develop lasting relationship both with the clients and electricians in the field. He remains cool under pressure and will constantly seek direction in way that makes it a joy to supervise. Thank You Julio.

David Wintermute – Innovation Award – The employee who provides the most innovative idea that enhances short and long term organizational productivity.

This is what Aaron Schrader had to say about David: David has been working with a one of our newer accounts that is a single monthly maintenance site but is one of my teams most demanding customers. David recognized a issue with not having a customized survey/ sign off sheet. David worked to create and dial down a custom excel spreadsheet that would tie in FSG part numbers for the techs along with giving all the detailed info the customer was wanting for each section of their facility. The customer is more than happy with David’s spreadsheet and made it a note to let me know this as well.

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